Overwatch 2 players slam “lazy reskin” as Pharah’s new Christmas skin mirrors old design

Eleni Thomas
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Overwatch 2 players are calling out Blizzard for their “lazy reskin”of Pharah’s new Christmas cosmetic that looks quite a bit like an old Halloween design.

Overwatch 2 went live at the end of 2022. Over a year on and developer Blizzard has been going back and forth with their fans in regards to the sequel. While certain aspects of the game have been heavily praised by the community, other parts of OW2 have had fans up in arms on social media.

The latest issue that players have found is in regards to the game’s new Christmas skins. For every holiday, Overwatch releases a new batch of themed skins, some more alluring than others. These include Winter Wonderland-themed skins, Halloween, and more.

However, on a new Reddit thread, fans have been accusing Blizzard of simply copying and pasting old themed skins over once again. Pharah’s Christmas cosmetic being labeled a “lazy reskin” of her Halloween one.

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Overwatch 2 has brought out new skins for the Winter Wonderland event, though not everyone is pleased.

The Reddit thread, which has over 250 comments, is filled with players lashing out at the devs for the obvious lack of change.

One Redditor wrote, “I’d hate to be the person attempting to justify a 1,900 price tag on a re-color but I’m interested to hear your logic behind it.”

Another Overwatch fan added, “pretty sure Blizzard’s logic is that from a purchasing standpoint, the “recolor” could be the first one you get, making the “original” the recolor for you. 

“That being said, I have a hard time seeing it being difficult to just add a flag to skins marking them as part of a recolor group so that if you own one you get a discount on the others. I suspect their hope is that most people just stop at the first part and are like “Oh yeah that makes sense” without considering the second.”

Another Reddit user even went so far as calling Blizzard “greedy” and “ugly” in regards to allegedly copying and pasting skins over and expecting fans to pay for them.

“Asking 1,900 for a texture swap isn’t much more than an expression of how ugly and greedy Blizz looks at its player base.”

Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland is currently live in the game, with the event set to wrap up on January 4, 2023.

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