Overwatch 2 players slam 2023 Anniversary Event for “scummy” reuse of old skins

Cursed Captain ReaperBlizzard

Overwatch 2 players have slammed the 2023 Anniversary Event after discovering Blizzard had re-used a previously issued skin as a reward for new challenges.

The anniversary event for Overwatch 2 is finally here. 2023’s Anniversary event brings about a bunch of returning game modes, Overwatch credits, and returning limited-time skins that players can finally grab.

Players can purchase many of these returning skins from the store using Overwatch credits. Overwatch credits are the game’s free currency that allows players to buy previous Overwatch 1 skins and other cosmetics. However, this will be the first time these returning skins have been available for Overwatch credits, making it a great bargain for anyone looking to snap them up.

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Blizzard is also handing out a bunch of credits to players via event challenges, giving a plentiful spending allowance to grab the returning skins. One event challenge, in particular, however, has players rubbed the wrong way, with reused skin rewards being labeled as “scummy”.

Overwatch 2 fans lash out at re-used Anniversary Event reward

The Cursed Captain Reaper skin is a reward for completing three Overwatch Anniversary 2023 event challenges. While the skin itself is beloved by the community, many players have pointed out that they already own it, due to Blizzard giving it out as compensation to players during the sequel’s launch.

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“Wait, wasn’t this the same skin they gave people as an ‘apology’ for the poor launch one year ago? Lol, maybe that’s what they want people to remember,” one player scoffed.

“Wow Blizzard, can’t even make a new skin for your own game’s anniversary event”? another user exclaimed.

Cursed Captain ReaperBlizzard
Cursed Captain Reaper was also given to players as a free reward for the launch of Overwatch 2.

Players of the hero shooter have gone so far as to call the reward “scummy”, yet many have expressed their lack of surprise.

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“Blizzard did something lazy and scummy? Looks at calendar, yup it’s a day that ends in Y, so seems legit.” a user stated disappointedly.

There’s no telling if Blizzard will add additional rewards to the 2023 Anniversary Event, but it appears the damage has already been done, and the Overwatch 2 community isn’t too pleased about it.

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