Overwatch Anniversary 2021 event: Legendary skins, weekly challenges, more

Blizzard Entertainment

It’s time for Overwatch’s 2021 Anniversary event and you know what that means — a whole lineup of new skins out there to add to our collections. Let’s take a look at the new Legendaries, and the exclusive Epics.

The big draw of every Overwatch event is of course, all of the new skins that get released. Of course during Anniversary you can also unlock any skin from the past (barring exclusive weekly challenge ones).

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We’ve already seen the skins for Baptiste, Moira, and Sombra previewed, and there are three other Legendaries for Junkrat and Doomfist. There’s also the Epic challenge skins that come with twist this year though, which could mean they take a bit longer to finish.

Overwatch Anniversary Weekly Challenge skins

Instead of having to win 3-6-9 games respectively over the course of a week to unlock all of the rewards, you now have to play, not win, a total of 9-18-27 games to unlock each tier of rewards broken down as seen below:

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  • Nine played games — Player Icon
  • 18 played games — Spray
  • 27 played games — Epic Skin

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what’s on offer for each week of Anniversary 2021.

Week 1 — Cybermedic Ana

Blizzard Entertainment
Ana looks like she’d fit right into Cyberpunk 2077 with this skin.

Ana is the first hero on deck for the weekly challenges during Anniversary 2021, and her Crybermedic skin does not disappoint. As the name suggests, this look would be right at home in a dystopian future like Blade Runner or Cyberpunk 2077.

Her eyewear resembles something out of Soldier: 76’s ensemble and the inside of her cloak is actually animated with some Matrix-style falling text design to really complete the look.

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  • 9 played games — Cybermedic Player Icon
  • 18 played games — Sentinel Spray
  • 27 played games — Cybermedic Ana Epic Skin

Week 2 — Bird of Paradise Echo

Activision Blizzard
Echo has never looked more at home flying through the skies of Havana.

Filling out the second week is an absolutely gorgeous skin for Echo called Bird of Paradise, and the DPS does look like a Tropical bird showing off her plumage mid-flight.

If you like playing Echo, or enjoy extremely colorful skins, you won’t want to miss your the chance to unlock this one during Week 2.

  • 9 played games — Bird of Paradise Player Icon
  • 18 played games — Flutter Spray
  • 27 played games — Bird of Paradise Echo Epic Skin

Week 3 — 8 Ball Wrecking Ball

Blizzard Entertainment
Call your shot: Wrecking Ball, corner pocket.

Finally, in week 3 we see an idea that’s been suggested countless times since Hammond joined the Overwatch roster: Wrecking Ball as a Billiards ball. And not just any Pool ball either, he’s the legendary eight ball, but we’re not sure if Blizzard included a feature to answer your random questions.

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His mech is definitely cool, but Hammond might steal the show with his adorable little tuxedo vest and bow tie. He looks like he’s all ready to play a little game of pool. Wrecking Ball fans, you’ll want to pick this one up.

  • Nine played games — 8 Ball Player Icon
  • 18 played games — Corner Pocket Spray
  • 27 played games — 8 Ball Wrecking Ball Epic Skin

Overwatch Anniversary new Legendary skins

Now that we have the weekly challenge skins out of the way, let’s take a look at the five new Legendary skins that will be available to purchase or unlock in loot boxes throughout the event.

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Funky Baptiste – 3,000 Coins

Activision Blizzard
We want the funk, give up that funk.

Now for what is undoubtedly the grooviest skin ever introduced into Overwatch: Funky Baptiste. This skin basically takes the healer back in time to that magical time known as the 1970’s.

Rocking a fro, some bell bottoms and a funky swagger only Baptiste could pull off, be sure to put some George Clinton, Parliament, or any other acceptably funky beat to throw out some fat heals to your teammates.

Venus Moira — 3,000 Coins

Blizzard Entertainment
Moira raising Venus flytraps seems more appropriate the more we think about it.

Moira’s Anniversary skin this year was one no one saw coming, but it’s honestly one of the coolest one’s she’s ever gotten just because it’s so different and out there compared to her others.

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All kinds of leaves and Venus flytrap teeth are covering the skin, and Moira even has a flower on her back instead of all that machinery. This is definitely one you’ll be seeing a lot of throughout this event.

Black Cat Sombra — 3,000 Coins

Blizzard Entertainment
Sombra has embraced her inner cat burglar for this already popular skin.

Now for what is arguably the most popular skin among fans for the Anniversary event: Black Cat Sombra. Like D.Va’s Black Cat skin, Sombra now has an adorable pair of cat ears.

That’s not all, she’s also got a lone-ranger mask, a whip, and some catlike nails for curious Supports who happen to get too close. Along with D.Va, Lucio, and Zarya, Sombra’s skin means we’re only two heroes away from being able to put together a full team of animal heroes.

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Junkfood Junkrat — 3,000 Coins

Blizzard Entertainment
Junkrat looks like tooth decay come to life with his new skin.

For all of those of you out there with a sweet tooth, you’ll love Junkrat’s new Junkfood skin. Besides taking the record for the pinkest Junk skin yet (minus some OWL teams) his tire is practically a work of art.

The ultimate is now made out of a giant lollipop, with candy corn (arguably the worst candy in existence, so who cares if they get blown up?), and covering it all is a shiny sheet of cellophane that should look cool rolling around the map before it kills you.

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Gladiator Doomfist — 3,000 Coins

Blizzard Entertainment
“Are you not entertained?”

Last, but certainly not least we come to the awesome Gladiator skin for Doomfist. It’s a fitting theme for the clobbering DPS, but we’re not so certain fighters in Ancient Rome used giant, bionic fists as weapons, but we’ll let that slide.

It might have come a bit early, but this skin seems tailor-made for the new Rome map coming to Overwatch 2. We haven’t seen too many previews of the map yet so we don’t know if you’ll actually be able to inside the famous Colosseum, but with this skin, we sure hope so.

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