Magical Overwatch skin idea makes Symmetra a mystical unicorn

Bill Cooney
Symmetra Unicorn skin
Blizzard Entertainment

One Overwatch fan has added to Symmetra’s eclectic collection of skins with a new unicorn design that despite sounding odd, actually looks like it would be a great fit for the hero.

We’re gearing up to enter the Spring and Summer in Overwatch, which means new skins coming with the Archives, Anniversary, and Summer Games events all within a few months of each other.

Not content to wait another few weeks for the possibility of a new Symmetra skin, Reddit user haydnc95 decided to create their own for her in the meantime. It’s a little but out there, but it actually works perfectly for the unique DPS.

The Unicorn skin (both versions of it) definitely is worthy of the name, and we’d bet Symmetra fans would be all over it were it actually real.

Magician Symmetra skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Symmetra has some “magical” skins already, so a unicorn one actually wouldn’t be too out of place.

A full on head of one of the mythical beasts makes up one shoulder, and the armor is completed with a cloak that looks like something Sailor Moon would have no problem rocking.

To top it all off (literally) Symmetra has her own unicorn horn coming out of her headgear. The hero might still struggle to find a place in the meta, but this skin would still be a hit.

This skin, wild as it is, would actually fit well into Symmetra’s existing selection, and we could easily see it coming in an Anniversary loot box during the annual event were it actually real.

We would expect her turrets to also have little Unicorn horns for this skin, or we’d be very disappointed.

Like unicorns themselves though, there’s unfortunately no sign that this skin will be real anytime soon. That being said, there are a couple of events coming right up that should bring us plenty of new cosmetics.

The Archives event usually gets going in Early April, and after that Anniversary starts in mid-to-late May. Sym definitely has a chance at skins during both, but we’ll have to wait and see what ends up happening.