Overwatch 2 players “disappointed” with new weapon skins as key heroes left out

Eleni Thomas
Overwatch 2 weapons skins header

Overwatch 2 players are unsure how to feel about the new gun skins and the lack of cosmetics for a number of key heroes.

Overwatch 2 has recently brought in a new line of weapon cosmetics and skins. These features allow players to deck out their guns with a new skin and add an extra moment of flair to their heroes as they enter the battlefield.

Each time a new skin pack is released, the Overwatch community shares their thoughts and reviews on the new cosmetics via platforms such as Reddit, X (formerly Twitter), and more.

In a new Reddit thread, the OW2 community gave their opinions on the new line of skins. 

The initial poster wrote, “Don’t get me wrong the new skins are so cool. But I’m super disappointed on the choices. Don’t get me wrong! I love both Soldier and Junkrat. but..Sombra and Reaper are RIGHT THERE. And I’d DIE for some more Sombra stuff tbh.”

In light of this, other OW2 players have begun flooding the Reddit thread with their own opinions on the matter. 

Another Redditor commented, “Skins are an opportunity to change different aspects of the characters, why did they give Lifeweaver the biblically accurate angel skin but not mercy? Because it’s too predictable.”

While many agree that Sombra and Reaper should have been the heroes to receive these skins or at least a new design that mirrors this aesthetic, other OW2 players did note that the two heroes already have similar skins available.

byu/Moth_The_Ghoul from discussion

“Not to mention that despite not giving these gun skins to Sombra/Reaper, they technically already have “Los Muertos” themed guns in their literal Los Muertos-themed skins. So I can understand why they didn’t give it to them.”

Another OW2 fan agreeing with the above comment and echoing the thought. “If they gave them to Reaper and Sombra, it would be another skin of that style for them, not anything new.”

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