Ramattra confirmed as next Tank hero in Overwatch 2: Release date, abilities, more

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Tank artworkBlizzard

Ramattra may be a familiar name to experienced Overwatch 2 players but the Null Sector leader is now stepping into the spotlight for all to see, as the character joins in Season 2 as the game’s latest Tank. From early intel on the Omnic’s abilities to a rundown on their lore, here’s what we know.

As developers promised ahead of launch, another brand new hero is already locked in for the game’s second season. Following close behind Kiriko in Season 1, Ramattra is now confirmed to be joining the Tank lineup in Season 2.

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While the name might ring a few bells for those who’ve brushed up on lore outside of the game itself, this marks the first time players will be able to assume the role of Null Sector’s fierce leader.

So if you’re eager to learn more ahead of his arrival in Overwatch 2, here’s everything we know about Ramattra thus far.


Overwatch 2 Ramattra artworkBlizzard
Ramattra is a Tank hero with two powerful yet diverse forms in Overwatch 2.

Ramattra release date in Overwatch 2

Ramattra is all set to debut in Overwatch 2 with the launch of Season 2 on Tuesday, December 6. No different from Kiriko, this means the new Tank hero will be accessible right away once the new season comes into focus.

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With the new unlock process in effect, however, it does still mean players will need to unlock Ramattra through the Season 2 Battle Pass. Whether you grind through the tiers manually or choose to purchase the premium bundle is entirely up to you, but rest assured you’ll be seeing plenty of Ramattra-mains emerging in Quick Play early in the new season.

Ramattra’s abilities in Overwatch 2

ramattra overwatch 2 staff formBlizzard Entertainment
Ramattra’s staff-wielding Omnic form.

First things first, it’s worth keeping in mind that Ramattra drops into the fight with two distinct forms. Through use of a transform ability akin to Bastion, the Tank can alternate between Omnic form and Nemesis form.

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Omnic form appears to be the more defensive option, allowing for a passive playstyle that keeps his allies safe while still laying down some damage from afar. Meanwhile, Nemesis form is where things heat up. In this more powerful mode, Ramattra’s entire character model changes as the Omnic grows in size. While this makes him a much bigger target for enemies to hit, it opens up a far more aggressive playstyle.

Blizzard Entertainment
Ramattra’s size increases in his Nemesis form.

Through his Nemesis form, Ramattra can charge head-on into battle, punching through multiple targets in order to connect with squishy supports in the backline. Below is an early rundown on his full kit in Overwatch 2:

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  • Void Accelerator (Omnic Form)
    • Left Click: Fires a stream of projectiles in a fixed pattern.
    • Right Click: Create a barrier at the targeted location.
  • Pummel (Nemesis Form)
    • Left Click: Punch forward, creating a wave of energy with every swing.
    • Right Click: Significantly reduces damage taken from the front and reduces movement speed.
  • Nemesis Form
    • Transform into Nemesis Form, changing your attacks and gaining bonus armor.
  • Ravenous Vortex
    • Fire a nano ball, which explodes when it hits the ground, spreading a damaging field. Affected enemies are also slowed and pulled downward.
  • Annihilation (Ultimate)
    • Create a spreading swarm of nanobots that creep out in front of you, dealing damage and reducing enemy damage dealt by 50%.
Ramattra's abilities in Overwatch 2Blizzard
A full look at Ramattra’s kit in Overwatch 2.

Ramattra’s rich Overwatch 2 backstory

For experienced Overwatch players, you may recall the first teaser of Ramattra back in the 2019 Storm Rising event. Set six years prior to the events of Overwatch 2, the PVE component of this event led us to a unique cutscene wherein, Doomfist meets with a yet unknown Omnic figure. Now, it’s clear that figure was none other than Ramattra, the leader of Null Sector.

Though despite leading what’s perceived as an Omnic terrorist organization, Ramattra is a unique complex ‘villain.’ For the most part, he simply wishes for a peaceful existence with his fellow Omnics. Though the often oppressive acts of humans towards their kind led to an all-out war.

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ramattra overwatch 2 gameplayBlizzard
Rammatra demonstrating his defensive gameplay in Nemesis form.

Now in the midst of said conflict, Ramattra will serve as a key antagonist throughout Overwatch 2’s upcoming PVE campaign. Exactly when we’ll see this chapter play out, however, still remains unclear.

Ramattra trailers

Ramattra Gameplay Trailer

Ramattra’s Design Evolution

Ramattra Gameplay Overview

So for the time being, that’s all we know about Ramattra ahead of his debut in Overwatch 2. Be sure to check back soon though as we’ll keep you updated right here with all the latest details as they emerge.

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