Was the next Overwatch hero introduced during the Storm Rising mission?

Blizzard Entertainment

Players are diving headfirst into the new Overwatch Storm Rising brawl and the mission’s interesting ending scene has some people talking.

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Storm Rising is the third entry in the Overwatch Archives series and is available to play along with previous Archives missions, Uprising and Retribution, until the end of the event on May 6.

All of the missions are based in Overwatch’s lore, but a new detail at the end of the Storm Rising mission has thrown a lot of players for a loop.

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Blizzard EntertainmentStorm Rising has players battle Talon through the streets of Havana.
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A new Talon hero?

Storm Rising features some impressive cinematic scenes that start and end the brawl, but it’s mostly the ending that has people talking.

After fighting through Havana and capturing Maximilien, a cinematic rolls that shows the end of Overwatch’s mission, before cutting to Doomfist talking with a mysterious new Omnic character in Egypt.

We only get to see the new character for a few seconds, but that was more than enough to tell that the character looks awesome.

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They appear to be a larger Omnic with some dreadlock-type cables coming out of the back of their head and what looks like an Up arrow made of red lights on their face.

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What do we know about the new Omnic?

During a live stream with streamer ‘Mr. OhNickel,’ after Storm Rising came out Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan revealed that the large Omnic was not part of Talon, but it’s clear from the cinematic that Doomfist was at least trying to recruit him.

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Other than that, we don’t know much about this mysterious new character, not even a name or really what they entirely look like.

Going off of other minor characters, like Maximilien for example, we’ll probably find out more about this new Omnic character sometime in the future.

Storm Rising is available as a PvE brawl along with Uprising and Retribution during Overwatch’s Archives event, which ends on May 6. 

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