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Overwatch Lunar New Year event 2022: Start date, skins, & more

Published: 7/Jan/2022 13:15

by Lauren Bergin


When is the Overwatch Lunar New Year Event for 2022? Here’s everything you need to know about the possible start date, and the upcoming Legendary and Epic skins.

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event brings the flavor of Asia to Blizzard’s flagship FPS, adding a whole slew of traditional-style cosmetics to the game.

With 2022 symbolized by the fearsome tiger in the Lunar calendar, Tiger Huntress Ashe will feel right at home alongside this year’s collection of skins.

But when does the Overwatch Lunar New Year event for 2022 begin? And what skins and game modes can we expect to see? Here’s everything we know so far.



overwatch lunar new year moria and lucio skins
Blizzard Entertainment
The Lunar New Year festivities are back for 2022: but just when does the party kick off?

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event 2022: Start & end dates

While there’s no concrete release date for Overwatch’s 2022 rendition of the Lunar event, it normally pops up around the end of January and cycles out of the game in early to mid February.

The start dates for the past few events are listed below:

  • 2017 Year of the Rooster: January 24 – February 5
  • 2018 Year of the Dog: February 8 –March 5
  • 2019 Year of the Pig: January 24 – February 18
  • 2020 Year of the Rat: January 16 – February 5
  • 2021 Year of the Ox: February 4 – February 25

While there’s been a bit of back and forth over the years, the event is likely to begin around the last week of January, and run for three weeks.

overwatch lunar new year pale serpent widowmaker skin 2021
Blizzard Entertainment
Pale Serpent Widowmaker was one of 2021’s most beautiful skins.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event: Skins

Assuming that Blizzard will continue to operate Overwatch events similarly to 2021, we can expect five Legendary skins and three Epic skins to drop during the Lunar festivities. Legendary skins can be bought with tokens (or earned through random drops in loot boxes,) whereas Epic skins are a little harder to get.


These event-locked skins require players to play three allotments of nine games (you do not need to win, but each win nets you two games,) where you’ll be given not just the skin itself, but also some other cosmetic goodies:

  • 9 games: Icon based on the Epic Skin
  • 18 games: Spray based on the Epic Skin
  • 27 games: Epic Skin

Additionally, all of the Legendary skins from previous Lunar New Years will be available for purchase during the event period, so if you missed out on the likes of Kkachi Echo (one of our favorite skins of 2021) or Pale Serpent Widowmaker, you’ll have a second chance to add them to your collection.

overwatch lunar new year bounty hunter game mode
Blizzard Entertainment
Will Bounty Hunter return in 2022?

Lunar New Year Modes: Bounty Hunter, Capture the Flag

As of last year, Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event adds three new modes to the game: Bounty Hunter, Capture the Flag, and Capture the Flag Blitz. The former is the most recent addition to the pool, having made its debut in 2021.


  • Bounty Hunter: The player who gets the first kill of the match becomes a Target, and everyone else a Bounty Hunter. Earn extra points by killing the Target, but beware—if you land the killing blow on a Target, you become the next one.
  • Capture the Flag: Each team attempts to secure the enemy flag and return it to their base while preventing the opposing team from doing the same. Three captures will win you the match.
  • Capture the Flag Blitz: With both teams’ flags much closer together, six captures are now needed to win the match instead of the traditional three.

So that’s everything you need to know about the Overwatch Lunar New Year event for 2022! As more information emerges we’ll keep this page updated, but in the meantime check out our dedicated Overwatch news page.