Overwatch fans call Tracer’s new Year of the Tiger skin “her best yet”

Blizzard Entertainment

Just before the start of the 2022 Lunar New Year event, Overwatch revealed a brand new skin for Tracer that has fans going crazy.

The Lunar New Year event for 2022 celebrates the Year of the Tiger, and Tracer will be rolling into the festivities in style (literally) with her new skins called “Nezha.”

It looks so good in fact, that some players are calling it one of her best cosmetics ever.

New Tracer “Nezha” skin revealed

Nezha is a Chinese protection god, and Tracer’s skin of the same name not only looks great, but is true to the deity as well.

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If you look close, Tracer’s shoes have little wheels on the ankles, which matches depictions of Nezha, who travels around on “wind and fire wheels” in folklore.

Not only are her feet now built for speed, they also have a brand new effect making them literally on fire, just like Nezha. Very fitting for Overwatch’s resident speedster.

In addition to her fiery feet, Tracer is also rocking a pair of buns and armor that resembles a lotus flower — both of which also appear in representations of the deity as well.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Tracer’s new buns are a hit with fans.

Other than the obvious “this skin is FIRE” comments, other users called it one of Tracer’s best looks ever, even if some did think she took inspiration for her eye makeup from Apex Legend’s Loba.

As a Legendary skin, this will cost 3,000 coins to unlock, if you don’t get it in a loot box, or just don’t want to try your luck.

Overwatch’s Year of the Tiger event runs from January 25 to February 15, so Tracer players don’t have long to wait at all to be able to unlock the new Nezha skin.

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