Overwatch fans blast Blizzard for doing “nothing” with Sigma

. 7 months ago
overwatch sigma
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Sigma is quite the colorful character, but sadly he doesn’t get the TLC from Blizzard that fans think he deserves. 

When you think of the tank class in Overwatch, your mind likely jumps to the adorable D.Va or loveable Winston, but often Dutch scientist extraordinaire turned Talon villain, Sigma, lingers at the bottom of the list.

Despite being the mastermind behind some insane plays – including this bizarre exploit on Dorado that allows Sigma players to hit people with rocks before the game even begins – Blizzard’s lore-rich universe hasn’t really touched on the character at all, and besides one in-game event we’ve heard very little about him.

Players have taken to Reddit to express their irritation over a lack of content for the flying Dutchman, and it seems like he’s accrued quite the fanbase.

overwatch sigma using gravitational flux ultimate
Activision Blizzard
Overwatch’s Sigma bends gravity to his will and looks good doing it.

Overwatch fans demand want more content for Sigma

With one post claiming that the Talon physicist “might be the best hero in OW [Overwatch] in terms of character,” the writer goes on to slam Blizzard for having “done nothing with him.”

The comments section has been quick to echo this sentiment, with many begging to even catch the tiniest glimpse of what lurks behind the curtain.

“I remember when his trailer thing came out and I was so hyped, I loved everything about him. A physicist gone insane, used as a weapon,” writes one fan, who then goes on the lament that when they “see him in-game he’s just a polite Dutchman with no more lore to consume.”

“His trailer was so dramatic and promising interesting story and then they just… never brought it up again,” states another. “I’m still salty about it, Sigma’s my favorite character.”

Talking about the wider lore universe as a whole, one comment concludes that “Overwatch has entiiiiiirely missed the mark with lore and capitalizing on the one thing that everyone loves about the game.”

While some hopeful fans write that we may uncover more of his story in the highly anticipated Overwatch 2, it seems Sigma will likely remain shrouded in mystery until then. Maybe, just maybe, if you gaze into the belly of a black hole we’ll learn a little more about him – but we wouldn’t exactly advise it.

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