Overwatch player baffled after being rocked by Sigma before the game even begins

overwatch sigmaActivision Blizzard

One Overwatch player thought they were safe before the game began, but one tricky Sigma player had other ideas.

Overwatch’s community has constantly managed to find new ways to innovate on the classic Activision Blizzard hero shooter.

Players have managed to get out of spawn much faster and do some wild things with the spawn room basketballs thanks to these creative tricks.

But one Sigma player may have just taken the cake with this unbelievable pre-round strike against an enemy on Dorado.

How one Overwatch player was hit before game begins

Sigma attacking in OverwatchActivision Blizzard
Sigma’s kit allows him to hit you from all angles, and apparently from spawn.

Many maps in Overwatch have spawn rooms that are closed off, keeping players contained until the round officially gets underway.

Some others, like Dorado for example, instead have open ceilings that players can, in theory, shoot through.

But, getting a projectile to fly over those walls is a tall task. A task best fit for a Dutch hero with a large, arching attack.

In a post from Reddit user quinsphinx, it appears that, against all odds, an enemy Sigma somehow managed to land a rock on Mercy in mid-air.

The rocking post got a lot of love from the community, getting over 4,600 upvotes and several endorsements. Shocked, all the OP could say was, “hit by a rock before the match even started?? it scared the hell out of me 😭”

The player was damaged by the strike and everything, although the culprit Sigma likely didn’t gain any ultimate charge due to the round not having started.

Still, hitting such a shot takes an immense amount of precision and the player throwing the rock was likely flabbergasted that they actually managed to hit someone.

With Overwatch 2 being delayed again alongside Diablo 4, fans will have plenty more time to continue finding these unique tricks in the Blizzard hero shooter.