Overwatch cheater goes viral with “undeniable aimbot” killstreak

Overwatch wrecking ball hammond on NumbaniBlizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch clip showing off an insane killstreak while using an aimbot has gone viral, and fans aren’t happy with the cheater.

Cheating is the one thing that no FPS has managed to eradicate yet. Just as titles like Valorant and Warzone continue to grapple with hackers, Blizzard’s Overwatch does the same.

While an August ban wave brought the hammer down on 18,003 accounts, it seems that some hackers are still managing to slip through the cracks ahead of news about Overwatch 2.

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One of these happened to get the better of Reddit user Gentle41, who has posted a replay of their enemy using an aimbot in-game on Overwatch’s dedicated subreddit.

Overwatch officer d.va skin points at cameraBlizzard Entertainment
Looks like we need Officer D.Va back to slay some hackers…

Overwatch cheater caught using aimbot

Writing “I just played against an actual, undeniable, aim-bot,” the player confesses that they “didn’t think they actually existed.”

Showing off a replay clip from the hacker’s point of view, they go on to state that “our Sombra also noted they were being shot precisely out of stealth,” in turn branding the cheats “extremely obvious.”

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The accused player can be seen wreaking havoc as Wrecking Ball on Eichenwalde, where the adorable little furball has been turned into a fearsome weapon of war. Spotted annihilating the enemy team a little too accurately and scoring a five man kill streak, the clip has gone viral for all the wrong reasons…

As you likely expect, the comments section is awash with angry fans slamming the hacker for choosing to use an aimbot.

“Why in the hell is he aimbotting with my man Hammond tho,” asks one, who receives the response that the “DPS queue [was] too long.” Another writes “they’ve been around for years. Not all of them are as obvious as this, some people are smarter about it, but they definitely exist.”

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This isn’t exactly the first time seemingly obvious cheating has been reported throughout 2021’s closing months, though. Fans have spotted cheaters running exploits that freeze the enemy team while they aim hack, as well as a rise in aimbotting for tanky characters like Winston and, after this clip, Hammond.

As genuine players cross their fingers that another August-style update will sweep aside rampant cheaters, it’s clear Overwatch really needs it.

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