Activision shuts down popular Warzone cheat seller ahead of Vanguard & RICOCHET

Vanguard Characters in Warzone with Vanguard logoActivision

Call of Duty publisher Activision has successfully shut down another cheat provider ahead of the November launch of Vanguard, and the series’ first dedicated anti-cheat system: RICOCHET.

Despite Warzone’s undeniable success, the game’s player-base has found their experience marred somewhat by the prevalence of cheats in the CoD battle royale. Any player with more than a few games under their belt will have encountered a cheater – whether it be in the form of wall-hacks, aimbot, or even God mode.

The natural response from players was to call for a robust and effective anti-cheat system. Despite months of silence, Activision have now revealed RICOCHET, their own anti-cheat creation, which will launch alongside Vanguard.

However, they do not appear to be resting on their laurels, shutting down an incredibly popular cheat provider just days before Vanguard’s launch.

ricochet anti-cheat call of dutyActivision
RICOCHET is the name of CoD’s new anti-cheat system.

X22 Cheats, a French cheat provider, confirmed that they will no longer offer services relating to Call of Duty titles.

On October 30, Activision confirmed to ModernWarzone that they served a cease and desist notice to the company.

In a statement to their customers – shared on Reddit – X22 explained their decision to halt their distribution of Call of Duty cheats.

“Today we have to announce that our cheats for the Call of Duty series stop here due to legal matters,” they said. “We from the X22 Team are very sad to bring [this news] to the community but this is not in our hands.”

The statement finished: “Because we know this will be on Twitter and elsewhere, it is not due to the new anti-cheat. Lawyers are stronger than anti-cheat.”

Many were quick to praise Activision for their hardline approach to the cheat provider and encouraged them to continue their efforts despite the pending addition of RICOCHET.

There have been some concerns about the new anti-cheat, after the intricacies of the system leaked after its announcement. Warzone devs cooled these fears though, explaining that the system that leaked was a pre-release version of RICOCHET.