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Overwatch cheaters are now freezing players’ games while they aim-hack

Published: 18/Aug/2021 17:02

by Michael Gwilliam


New Overwatch hacks are letting cheaters completely crash the game for everyone in the lobby except for them, causing anyone unlucky enough to be on a team or against them to lose SR.

Overwatch hackers may not be as much of a nuisance as they are in other games such as Warzone, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a problem, especially in higher ELOs.

Now, they’ve found a way to completely clear chat, crash games and aim hack. A lethal combo that ensures that even if teams try to purposefully draw to teach the cheaters a lesson, they can still win.


As shown on Reddit by user BurritoBashr, their team of Plat-ranked players agreed to all draw with the enemy team after a Widowmaker on their squad appeared to be cheating, hitting two quick headshots out of the gate.

Warning: The clip contains language some viewers may find offensive

Cheaters able to crash game clients now and clear chat on top of aim hacking from Competitiveoverwatch

Overwatch cheaters freeze games

“At the beginning of the match our widow instantly gets 2 picks then when I try to ask if they are cheating my chat disappears,” the user explained. “I realize they’re sending some empty text or something and it’s pushing the chat all the way up so you can’t talk with anyone in text chat.”


After the round, players were able to talk again and agreed to draw. Out of nowhere, one of the hackers asked “ready to lose 50 SR?” Players lose 50 SR automatically when they leave a game before it’s over.

Despite the teams still wanting to draw, the cheaters then cleared the chat to cause a communication disruption, which only meant one thing: invasion.

Suddenly, BurritoBashr’s screen began to freeze with a player constantly rejoining the match. Even with the video in 4x speed, they are barely able to move, eventually leading to a crashed game and the player losing 50 SR.


“I checked the replay afterward and the cheater and their accomplice are able to freely move around and shoot while everyone else is frozen,” the user explained.

As you can see from the hacker POV, while everyone on the friendly and enemy teams are clearly having trouble moving properly, they can still shoot and move perfectly.

Hopefully, the devs can find a fix for this quickly and prevent more games from being ruined by cheaters crashing the server.