Riot unveils new plans to further combat Valorant cheaters in Episode 4

Phoenix shooting Vandal in ValorantRiot Games

Riot are pushing forward in their battle against Valorant cheaters, aiming to implement new systems in Episode 4. They aim to “improve account security”, as well as “game integrity abuse” to stop players using cheats ‘indirectly’ to win.

Riot released Valorant with the claim their Vanguard anti-cheat would be the strongest in all of gaming.

The developers remain committed to “maintaining Valorant as the most competitive tactical shooter in the world”, and this obviously means keeping up with new cheats as they appear.

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They’re confident they’ve done just that, with Riot’s future plans to combating Valorant cheaters in Episode 4 looking towards those abusing the system indirectly.

Valorant match cancelled due to cheatersRiot Games
Valorant cheating reports (not bans) are at an “all-time low”, and Riot are confident in the Vanguard system.

Riot continues “bussing” crackdown, as well as account sharing

Riot’s main two aims for the future of Valorant’s anti-cheat, Vanguard, are to further develop its effectiveness against “third-party tools” as well as stop “game integrity abuse”.

In layman’s terms, this means Riot aren’t just tackling cheaters, but also those who queue up with cheaters (“bussing”). However, Riot are expanding the notion of game integrity abuse to those who buy accounts as well as wintrading.

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In Episode 4, the developers are trying to crack down on the rise in account sharing and selling in high ranks.

“Account security improvements will not only reduce the player pain of a stolen account, but it’ll help us to fight a growing trend of cheaters who look to buy high level accounts, as they want to grief the top level players that they’re pretending to be,” anti-cheat analyst Matt ‘K3o’ Paoletti stated on October 18.

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Valorant cheating reports “at all-time low”

There is some good news when it comes to Riot’s fight against Valorant cheaters ⁠— reports are “at an all-time low”.

While this doesn’t necessarily correlate to the number of cheaters going down, it means Riot’s Vanguard systems are working at detecting hackers and keeping them “at a sustainably low level”.

“There are still cheaters in Valorant, and they will, in some manner, always exist,” K3o said.

“However, we’ve invested a great deal of time, both through operational and technical advancements, to make sure that cheating is at a sustainably low level, and most importantly, that cheating is never a viable way to long term competitive success.”

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Vanguard, and Riot’s anti-cheat team, will continue to work in the background.

On this front ⁠— no news is good news for those worrying about cheaters in Valorant.

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