Overwatch 2 players share wacky moments from new April Fools Arcade Mode

overwatch 2 heroes fighting togetherBlizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has nailed it with the new changes to Arcade Mode for April Fools, judging by the community reaction.

Blizzard is no stranger to sacrificing a bit of game balance in return for maximizing hilarity for April Fools, but this year’s set of changes to Arcade Mode, which provides increased mobility, ultimate use, and unexpected interactions, seems to have hit the sweet spot, and players are loving the less serious approach to normal Overwatch matches.

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Overwatch 2 players share their funniest Arcade Mode clips

The Overwatch 2 community is already highlighting some of the best moments from the action-packed game mode. Several of the most popular ones include surprised reactions to Reinhardt’s flying charge.

As well as gameplay changes, all the heroes have been given googly eyes. These can be seen in-game, but also on the hero select screen, and even on your highlight introductions.

Additionally, each hero has received several new voice lines for when they use ultimates, which add an extra level of hilariousness to an already chaotic game mode. These new voice lines are so good (shoutout to Cassidy’s) that players have started asking to keep them in the game, even after the event ends.

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Another one of the changes was Ashe’s dynamite, which now spreads between enemies, allowing for some crazy chain kills without even trying.

Many players praised the game mode for being more lighthearted and lower stakes than normal matches.

One commenter said: “It’s so nice to take the game less seriously. I swapped my daily ranked match for arcade today and felt so much less annoyed with the game because of it.”

For more coverage of the April Fools changes to Overwatch 2, check out our overview of the Arcade changes here.

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