How to get OWCS drops & rewards: New OW2 skins, cosmetics, more

Declan Mclaughlin

The Overwatch Champions Series kicks off in March and fans will be able to earn Twich drops and other cosmetics from watching the OWCS broadcast. Here is how players can get those rewards.

EFG has announced everything to do with the Overwatch Champions Series including a rough schedule, its broadcasting situation, and of course Twitch drops.

The cosmetics, called Viewership Incentives, include multiple sprays, Icons, Avatars and a set of skins. The program is similar to what the Overwatch League used to have before it met its demise in 2023.

The broadcast schedule, and the entire esports circuit, are different from previous years as the competition is more open and will feature more teams than when the OWL was running. However, fans should still be able to earn all the rewards for watching the esports action with just a few hours of watch time.

Here is how to earn OWCS drops

First, Overwatch players will need to connect their accounts with YouTube, or Twitch, depending on their viewing platform of choice. OWCS will be broadcast on both live-streaming websites and a few others.

To achieve this, players will need to do the following:

  1. Sign in to YouTube or Twitch.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Connected Accounts.
  4. Select your account.
  5. Click “Allow”
  6. Start watching the official broadcast
OWCS viewership incentives.

The rewards will enter into the viewer’s in-game inventory based on hours watched. So far, cosmetics for the first stage of the circuit, leading up to the first LAN event of the season, have been revealed. The breakdown of how long players need to watch, the time frame for those items, and what they will receive are broken down below.

OWCS drops February 26 – March 18:

  • OWCS Icon – 2 hours
  • OWCS Spray – 4 hours
  • Lifeweaver Winter Spray – 6 hours
  • Murphy Cookies Avatar – 8 hours

OWCS drops March 18 – 31

  • OWE Spray – 2 hours
  • OWE Avatar – 4 hours
  • DVA Winter Name Card – 6 hours
  • OWCS Kiriko H&A Skins – 8 hours

Viewers do not have to watch the first campaign to qualify for drops from the second campaign. The OWCS circuit starts on February 26 in Asia, with North America and Europe starting their matches on March 1.

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