Overwatch 2 players already concerned with Season 5’s lack of content

Michael Gwilliam
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Season 5 of Overwatch 2 is coming up soon, but players are not exactly looking forward to the content on the way.

The Overwatch 2 community was sent into a rage recently over Blizzard’s decision to scrap a good portion of the planned PvE content including promised Hero Missions.

While Season 6 will be OW2’s biggest content release ever with Story Mode, a new hero, a new core game mode and more, Season 5 seems rather dry in comparison.

Season 5 will have a couple of limited-time events, a Sojourn cinematic, and the return of the “On Fire” systems, but players are already writing it off as a disappointment.

Overwatch players slam lack of content in Season 5

In a post on Reddit, users began voicing their displeasure at S5’s offerings and warned Blizzard that it would be in for an “absolutely dog rough reception” from Overwatch players.

“No new map, an arcade mode, the return of the on fire system, and a cinematic dropping centered on the game’s most boring character is a recipe for the most L season since OW2 launched,” one commented. “Unless Blizzard does something wild like give out the battle pass for that season for free or some sh*t, it’s gonna be a bad time.”

Overwatch 2 roadmap
Overwatch 2 has big plans for Season 6, but Season 5 is a bit dry.

Others joined in sharing similar sentiments about Season 5, hoping that it would be a shortened one, while others tried to find some things to get a bit excited about.

“I never believed Blizz when they said we’d get a hero every other season and a map the season after,” someone else blasted.

“My only real hope for S5 is that they manage to make Lifeweaver playable. Should they succeed, it’ll be basically like they added a new hero,” one hypothesized.

Another player joked about how more Battle Passes could be sold writing, “Season 5 mythic skin will be barefoot Mercy.”

We’ll have to see what Season 5 holds as we get closer to the launch, but for now, it’s clear players are still reeling from the unfortunate PvE news and just want to skip ahead to Season 6.