Overwatch 2 seasonal model explained: duration, new heroes, maps, more

Overwatch 2 fightBlizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has revealed how new content for Overwatch 2 will be released moving forward after launch, with the game now shifting to a 9-week seasonal model.

Overwatch 2 is scheduled to launch on October 4 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles, and it’s bringing a massive new wave of content alongside it. Though launch appears to be just the beginning.

During a June 16 livestream, Overwatch Game Director Aaron Keller and others explained how OW2 will implement a seasonal system with big additions coming every nine weeks.

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From heroes, maps, modes and even new “mythic” skins, Blizzard is aiming to make each season feel unique. Here’s how it all works.

OW2 content roadmapBlizzard Entertainment
Blizzard has outlined the plan for Overwatch 2’s release.

Overwatch 2 season structure revealed

According to Blizzard, seasons will last nine weeks and will begin with a large balance patch in addition to a fresh content drop such as a hero or map every other season.

When Overwatch 2 launches, Season 1 will commence with the introduction of three new heroes, six new maps, a new game mode, along with 30 new skins including a special Genji “mythic skin.”

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The three heroes will be ones previously available in betas with Sojourn, The Junker Queen and a yet-to-be-revealed support character, though signs are pointing to it being a mythical fox.

Overwatch 2 foxBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 has plenty of heroes planned.

However, once Season 2 begins on December 6, Overwatch 2 will introduce another new hero, this time a tank, alongside a new map, and over 30 skins including another Mythic.

Additionally, each new season is expected to arrive with a new Battle Pass, which Blizzard plans to discuss more in-depth in the months ahead.

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That said, with the removal of loot boxes, skins and other cosmetics will soon be unlocked through grinding the game with more being added each season.

overwatch 2 tracer fighting robotBlizzard Entertainment
PvE will launch sometime in 2023.

Overwatch 2 PvE launching in 2023 season

At some point in 2023, Blizzard will launch Overwatch 2’s PvE campaign missions that will bring even more content to the game.

In addition, new PvE content will be added in future seasons, giving players even more things to do, unlock and grind towards.

There will be plenty of new information about PvE content closer to the release date, but it’s looking like Overwatch players will have a lot to look forward to once OW2 launches later this year and far beyond.

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