Overwatch 2 players are sick of “fake apologies” from devs after scrapped PvE content


Overwatch 2 players are tired of “fake apologies” from devs and Blizzard after the scaling back of promised major PvE content.

The Overwatch 2 community has not been having a great few weeks recently. With the announcement that the dev’s plans for the much promised PvE content being scaled back, the community had lashed out.

In an attempt to explain the change a few days after the announcement, the devs would make a blog post explaining that their “audacious” PvE plans were just not feasible and it had to be scaled back.

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However, it’s quite clear the community was not appeased with the explanation, and it seems the sentiment is that the devs were “lying” about its PvE plans.

In a now deleted Reddit post, a player lashed out at Blizzard for not delivering much of the promised PvE content and that the blog post explanation was the devs was just a “fake apology”.

Despite the deleted post, we can still glean the community’s reaction based off its comments, and it’s quite clear players are not happy.

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“We should be angry about PvE getting downsized. Blizzard has the money to provide the needed resources to give us the full PvE experience” a user wrote as just one part of a long rant.

With others feeling like they’ve been strung along into Overwatch 2 with the promise of the PvE content. “They’ve been stringing us along since October [2022] about the whole PvE thing, knowing full well that is had been scrapped and deemed out of scope for OW2” a user wrote.

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However it’s not all just animosity towards Blizzard, as a few came in mild defense for the dev team, particularly the targeting of Aaron Keller, OW2’s director.

“He’s in charge of the game to a pretty significant degree, but if upper management at Blizzard at large tell him to do something he really doesn’t have as much say in the matter” a user said in defense.

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