Overwatch 2 players explain why they’re scared for the future of PvE content

Theo Burman
Overwatch 2 Invasion

Overwatch 2 players have started discussing the future of PvE modes after a lack of new content in the game mode.

Overwatch 2 has always had a complicated relationship with PvE content. Originally pitched as the main selling point for the sequel, PvE quickly fell by the wayside after Blizzard reprioritized focus on traditional PvP to release the game on schedule.

From there, PvP underwent many changes, before Blizzard announced that the mode would not be delivered in the way it had originally been pitched as. This prompted significant backlash from the community, with many slamming Blizzard for mismanaging the game.

Overwatch 2 players fear for the future of PvE amid layoffs

Since then, PvE has launched in various ways for different events, with the highlights being the story missions that dropped in Season 6. But now, players are wondering if new PvE content can even be expected again in the future.

One frustrated player said: “It has been over 7 months since “PvE” dropped. I just realized we haven’t gotten any PvE missions since Invasion or any developer updates on the future of it (unless I missed something). Are we getting more anytime soon or are we just going to get another 20 $30 Mercy and Kiriko skins instead?

“I still do not understand why Overwatch 2 exists when a majority of the features they promised for 2 still have not been delivered on, mainly a PvE experience.”

Many players agreed with the sentiment, with another commenting: “They gutted the PvE team, dude. More PvE won’t happen for a long time. If at all.”

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