Everything in Overwatch 2 Season 5: Release date, Summer Games, new event, more


Overwatch 2’s Season 5 is fast approaching as Blizzard prepares for the return of the fan-favorite Summer Games, sets its sights on a brand-new event, and gets ready to introduce a plethora of new content. Here is everything we know about Season 5 ahead of its arrival. 

As Overwatch 2’s Season 4 winds down, Blizzard is preparing for some sizable shake-ups in the coming months and it all starts with the Season 5 update. 

From new events, a new Sojourn cinematic, and the return of the Summer Games after a year-long disappearance, Blizzard is looking to bring back a mix of new and old content in preparation for the upcoming PvE game modes set to follow later this year. 

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So before it all gets underway, here is all you need to know about Overwatch 2 Season 5. 


Overwatch 2 Season 5 release date

With the announcement of Season 5’s Mythic Skin, Adventurer Tracer, also came the official release date of Season 5, that date being Tuesday, June 13

What’s new in Overwatch 2 Season 5?

Season 5 brings a new events and skin line, Questwatch, and Mischief & Magic

With the official reveal of what Season 5 will bring us, we also have a full explanation of what the Questwatch and Mischief and Magic will bring to the game.

Players will need to defeat Demon Lord Reinhardt in the new Questwatch event.

Season 5: Questwatch

The premise of Questwatch sees the cast of Overwatch enjoy a night of role-playing board games where they see themselves LARP as fantasy characters of their choosing.

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And to celebrate the new theme, the devs partnered up with a Workshop Creator, CactusPuppy, to bring the first-ever creator-made game mode to Overwatch.

The mode, named Defeat the Demon Lord Reinhardt, has you play a 1v4 Team Deathmatch brawl against Demon Lord Reinhardt.

Season 5: Magic and Mischief

Magic and Mischief, coming out on July 25, is essentially Blizzard’s take on the ever-popular FPS game mode, Prop Hunt.

The dev’s spin on it is as a 5v5 elimination mode where the hunters will need to find the props.

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The Summer Games is back for Season 5

The Summer Games is usually an annual event, however, the last time Overwatch had a Summer Games event was in 2021, and players are finally being treated to a new iteration of it.

With the announcement of what Season 5 will be, Blizzard has detailed what the return of The Summer Games will bring as well.

Lucioball makes a return with 2023’s iteration of The Summer Games.

The Summer Games: Lucioball returns

The fan favorite and long-time staple of The Summer Games, Lucioball, makes a return.

However, it seems this year’s iteration of The Summer Games will have no new shakeups to it, unlike previous year’s versions with Lucioball Remix.

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The Summer Games: Winston’s Beach Volleyball

Despite no new shakeups to Lucioball itself, the devs have introduced a whole new game mode for The Summer Games this year, Winston’s Beach Volleyball.

Just like how Lucioball’s rules are based on a real-life sport in Soccer, Winston’s Beach Volleyball is obviously based on Volleyball.

The game mode has players essentially play volleyball as Winston, spiking the ball with their jumps and Primal attacks.

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And just like volleyball, if you let the ball touch your side, the opponent gets a point, and vice versa.

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Season 5 Mythic Skin: Adventurer Tracer

Season 5’s Mythic skin was revealed by Blizzard, and none other than the face of Overwatch, Tracer, will be the recipient of it.

Adventurer Tracer is in-line with Season 5’s theme of fantasy, seeing Tracer dressed in medieval-esque adventurer armor, and additionally transformed into an elf.

However, unlike other Mythic skins where players will fully unlock it when finishing the Battle Pass, Adventurer Tracer can be incrementally unlocked throughout the Battle Pass Track.

At Tier 45, players will get the Base skin, at Tier 65, players will get the Intermediate skin, and at Tier 80, players will get the complete set with full customizations.

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Season 5 cinematic reveal

Cinematics are back for Season 5. It has been a while since the community got a whole new cinematic, with Kiriko’s animated short being the last, from when Overwatch 2 just released. 

However, the new Roadmap seemed to have teased a whole new cinematic for Sojourn and her dog, Murphy.

For those out of the loop in Overwatch lore, Murphy is Vivian Chase’s (aka Sojourn’s) dog who served with her in Overwatch. When Sojourn eventually retired from Overwatch, Murphy came along with her as her pet. 

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With the official trailer for Season 5 being released, we got a sneak peek into the incoming Soujourn cinematic, with an official title for it, Calling.

Season 5 Hero buffs and nerfs

In an Overwatch Director’s Take, addressing Hero changes that will come in Season 5, the devs announced a plethora of massive changes for several DPS heroes, updates to Junker Queen, and buffs to Lifeweaver.

One of the main changes to the DPS role, especially to one-show heroes Hanzo and Widowmaker, is their decreased potential to kill heroes in one-shot.

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Widow’s damage falloff changed from 70-100 meters to 40-60 meters, with the damage falloff scalar also increased from 30% to 50%. Hanzo will also be no longer able to one-shot heroes with a 250 HP pool

One other significant change is the tweak to Mei’s and Cassidy’s CC. Both now gaining their slows and stuns from the original game. In addition, the devs teased further CC changes in the upcoming Season 5.

Junker Queen also revealed changes to Junker Queen, after her massive buffs in Season 4. Junker Queen’s passive and Commanding Shout will now give less health. And her ult’s cost will be increased.

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On Fire system returns in Season 5

During the transition from the original game to OW2, one of the staples of Overwatch was left out, the On Fire system which easily allowed players to see who was popping off. 

And after much teasing, the On Fire system is finally coming back in Season 5. As to whether it will work the same as in Overwatch 1 remains to be seen. 

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