Blizzard accused of lying about Overwatch 2 PvE mode cancelation

Filip Krawanski
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Your Overwatch, a popular content creator with centering around Overwatch 1 & 2, has accused Blizzard of “controlling the narrative of the canceled PvE” and “gaslighting” players into believing that the devs are still working on it. 

The Overwatch dev team announced that the highly anticipated Overwatch 2 PvE mode was being scaled back from its initial promises, and the community was not happy.

Many bashed Blizzard for the broken promises made during the launch of OW2. The devs apologized for the pullback on the promised content, and many conspiracy theories were crafted right after the unpleasant announcement.

This forced Jared Neuss, Executive Producer for Overwatch 2, to take to Twitter to shut down rumors that the scale-back was tied to Blizzard’s RTO policy.

Following this and other efforts to explain the situation to players, a popular content creator “Your Overwatch” made a video criticizing how the company handled the backlash, while also accusing the devs of lying to the players.

Aaron Keller admitted that they knew they were not going to be doing the full-fledged replayable RPG Missions, before they launched Overwatch 2 they knew that. It’s a lie by omission, and they are trying to gaslight us into believing PVE is the same when they canceled the replayable part, said Your Overwatch.

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Your Overwatch also stated that they are definitely sure that there are “management resource issues” going on at Blizzard, which he intends to cover in another video.

The comment section mostly agrees with Your Overwatch, with many claiming they feel “insulted” by the tone the company used to speak out to the community following the announcement that part of the PVE features for the game will be scrapped.

Honestly so insulting to be told, “No you don’t understand it. This was really hard for us. We lied to you for 4 years, but we’re still promising other stuff!” What a joke, wrote one viewer.

“The fact they didn’t tell us before the game came out when they made the decision to stop most of PVE is the unforgivable part,” said another user.

A fan proposed how the scrapped PvE talents could be repurposed for the PVE but the idea was shut down by the community quickly. Right now it’s hard to tell what the future holds for Blizzard, Overwatch 2, and its developers.

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