Overwatch 2 players lash out at new Questwatch features: “Lackluster and boring”

Liam Ho
OW2 Season 5 Campfire

Overwatch 2 players have lashed out at Blizzard for Season 5’s Questwatch, calling it a “lazy” content drop while criticizing a lack of new voicelines, in particular.

Overwatch 2 is currently in its fifth season, which brought about a whole bunch of content for Blizzard’s popular hero shooter. Arriving with a medieval RPG thematic, season 5 introduced a new battle pass, mythic skin for Tracer, and seasonal events that launch throughout the cycle. These events would also host new game modes to celebrate, with the return of the Summer Games showcasing the new Winston’s Beach Volleyball mode.

A slightly more permanent feature added in Season 5 was the game’s Questwatch mode. This features a DnD-esque campaign run by Tracer’s girlfriend Emily, and would slowly divulge more story as players leveled up in the battle pass. Players would also be able to complete challenges that gave out rewards such as experience and Overwatch credits.

The main way players participate in this game mode is by reading the dialogue that Emily, Tracer, and Orisa say as they travel. However many players have taken issue with the fact that there’s minimal voiced dialogue in the game mode, lashing out at Blizzard.

Overwatch 2 players disappointed by lack of voicelines Questwatch

Now that we’re a good way into the season, many players have begun to progress the battle pass and as a result progress through the Questwatch story. Players have not been too happy with what they’ve found though.

“I’ve just [reached] the halfway point in Questwatch, mythic mines, and legit the only character who has voice lines being spoken is Tracer,” one frustrated comment read. “All the rest are just sh***y text boxes… What a lazy pile of sh*t. From PvE to a half-broken half-assed comic book.”

The original poster isn’t the only one who thinks this as well, with many commenters supporting their point of view and also complaining about Questwatch.

“Questwatch may be a tacked-on extra goodie, but it really does feel lackluster and boring,” one player replied.

“Honestly, I don’t mind the voicelines. What’s bothering me is, it’s the laziest thing they have ever written,” another chimed in.

Another user pointed out that Cassidy’s VA Matthew Mercer is well-known for being the dungeon master in DnD series Critical Role, explaining how the casting would’ve been a perfect fit.

“Considering that Matt Mercer, Cassidy’s VA, is the DM for arguably the most popular D&D play series ever, having a fully voiced campaign with him as the DM would have been an easy win,” the comment explained.

Questwatch may have been a miss with the players early on, but Season 5 isn’t over yet. Blizzard still has both the Summer Games event and Mischief and Magic to make it up to them.

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