Overwatch 2 leak could reveal details about new hero Sojourn

Bill Cooney

The big Overwatch news headed into BlizzCon has been the appearance of supposed “leaked” images from Overwatch 2, which could give us a hint at Sojourn’s mysterious origins.

Sojourn came to Overwatch’s fans’ attention when her voice and image appeared in the Storm Rising PvE mission, but she was first shown back in the ‘Recall’ short from 2016.

All we’ve seen so far are still images of the character, but leaked images from the last weekend before BlizzCon 2019 appear to show her in-game, and could also contain a new detail about her background as well.

Sojourn in the ‘Recall’ short from 2016.

What’s the new Sojourn juice?

Reddit user King_Will_Wedge pointed out that in the leaked image with various heroes standing around a display, we can see Sojourn near the right side with her white hair.

The point out that on her left shoulder appears to be a maple leaf logo – the same symbol that appears on Canada’s national flag.

Sojourn seems to have a maple leaf emblem on her left shoulder.

King_Will_Wedge also points out that, according to a report for ESPN by Rod ‘Slasher‘ Breslau, the new “Push” game mode is set to be introduced at BlizzCon on a new Toronto-based map.

Other than the name of “Push,” and the claim it will happen on a map set in Toronto, we don’t know much about the new game mode, though.

But there is a new hero rumored to be introduced to Overwatch this year, and if it were Sojourn, she could be the game’s first Canadian hero based on these clues.

The new hero could also be Echo, though, who was first introduced in the Reunion short from BlizzCon 2018, and she also shows up in recently-leaked official Overwatch art.

WoWHeadEcho appears in the top left of the art, which was found on the official Blizzard Gear store.

What else do we think is coming at BlizzCon 2019?

There’s been a debate about whether Overwatch’s time at BlizzCon 2019 will focus more on Overwatch 2 or content for the current Overwatch we all know and love.

Overwatch 2 is reported to have both PvE and PvP elements, with new talent trees for all heroes according to leaks – whether these talents will be useable in both PvE and PvP remains to be seen.

But all the hype around Overwatch 2 doesn’t mean that the current version of the game won’t be getting any attention either. The new game mode “Push” could become available, and a new hero could also come to the game, we’ll have to wait and see.

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