New Overwatch 2 trailer hints at new details for Sombra rework

Theo Burman
Overwatch 2 Sombra changes

A new trailer for Overwatch 2 contained some new hints for what Sombra’s upcoming rework might look like.

Sombra has remained one of the more controversial heroes in Overwatch 2, mostly because she doesn’t play like any other damage character. Unlike most other heroes, she doesn’t want to take fights head on, and relies on hacks and stealth to make sure that no fight is ever fair.

Combine that with a free escape tool and a playstyle that means she’s almost never on the front lines, and playing with a Sombra in the game can be just as frustrating for both teams.

Given this, it’s probably unsurprising that the devs have pledged to rework her in the season roadmap.

Sombra rework details shown in new Overwatch 2 trailer

The new video, titled “Heroes Can”, showed off a clip of Sombra using her tried-and-tested translocator/ultimate combo, but something in the video made players pause.

One Sombra player noticed that the translocator in the video looked different from her normal one, saying: “I looked at every trans from every angle. This is an entirely new thing.”

Considering the translocator’s safety net is one of the big reasons why fighting a Sombra is so frustrating, it’s reasonable to assume that it’ll get changed in the rework. But what will that change look like?

Another player speculated: “What if that became her new way to hack? Throw the new “translocater” as an impact emp grenade. Similar to rainbow six sieges impact emp grenades.”

The full Sombra rework is slated to drop in “Season 7 and beyond”, which was revealed in the Season Roadmap, which also outlined the future of PvE in Overwatch 2.

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