Overwatch 2 unveils first look at Sombra “Virus” ability & new Stealth radius

Jeremy Gan
Overwatch 2 Sombra rework unveiled

Overwatch 2 has unveiled a first look into Sombra’s highly-anticipated Season 7 rework, revealing her new “Virus” ability along with a unique stealth radius. 

On August 6, Overwatch 2 Director Aaron Keller confirmed that the ever-controversial Hero Sombra would be getting a rework for Season 7, however, was reticent on details as to what it will change at the time. 

After months of radio silence on the matter, we now have a first look into Sombra’s rework.

From a new “virus” ability to a unique Stealth radius feature in which she will be detected when enemies are nearby, there’s plenty to wrap your head around.

In a tweet on the game’s official Twitter account, they showed a brief video revealing her new kit with the caption, “Sombra’s bringing a Virus to the battlefield”. 

The ability sees Sombra launching a “Virus” projectile at her enemies, although the tweet nor video mentions any other details. As the name and the resulting animation on the enemy Hero implies, the skill seems to deal damage over time. We can hear Reinhardt being impacted by the ability for a few seconds before it fades.

Although the tweet makes no other mention if it is a skill shot or exactly how it might interact with the rest of Sombra’s kit. 

Another small teaser was a change to her Stealth ability. As pointed out by players, it seems when a Sombra is in Stealth, there will be a radius in which if an enemy enters it, it may decloak the player. 

Although they make no mention if you can still reveal a Sombra in stealth by hitting them. This new mechanic seems to seek out a new way for players to spy-check for a Sombra in stealth. 

However, we do not have any official confirmation if any of these new and reworked abilities will work the way the community has speculated so far. So do take all of this with a grain of salt until confirmed in the Season 7 update. But, it’s safe to say Sombra’s rework is looking to change up how we play the Hero. 

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