Overwatch player shows how to get free kills with Lúcio on Lijiang

Joe O'Brien

An Overwatch player showed off an epic Lúcio rollout on Lijiang Gardens to open the round with two quick kills.

Lúcio’s movement is fundamental to his playstyle, and a significant part of that are the various ‘rollouts’ that are possible on different maps – wall-riding routes that Lúcio can take to get from his spawn to a particular point as quickly as possible.

Often, Lúcio’s rollouts are most useful for returning to the objective after a death, or simply scouting the enemy at the start of a game – Lúcio doesn’t have many offensive tools, so being far ahead of his team at the beginning of a round isn’t always helpful.

Blizzard EntertainmentLúcio can pull off fast ‘rollouts’ on many of the game’s maps.

In some areas, however, there are opportunities for Lúcio to use his Soundwave to score environmental kills by knocking enemies off of the map, and reddit user frashspirit showed off a rollout on Lijiang Gardens that leads perfectly into such an opportunity.

The route sees Lúcio travel directly to the control point and in through the window, before coming out the other side to land on the bridge commonly taken by players looking to contest the point, just as the enemy team is arriving there, allowing frashspirit to knock two of them off to secure two kills and a massive advantage for his team at the start of the round.

Obviously, pulling this off relies on the other team to some extent – if they’re slower reaching the bridge, or take a different route entirely, the opportunity may not be there.

While this rollout is only shown from one spawn side, the same can be achieved from the opposite side, although the building near the spawn point is on the left side instead of the right.

Though frashspirit may not be the first player to make use of this rollout, it’s still one that’s worth learning for Lúcio players who don’t already have it in their arsenal, as it can often be a source of easy kills on unsuspecting enemies to open up the round.