Overwatch 2 leak reveals first look at new potential Hero and Talents

Scott Robertson

With various reports confirming the existence of an Overwatch sequel, numerous “leaks” have appeared potentially revealing talents to alter abilities, and an additional new hero.

At the moment it certainly appears like the rumors of Overwatch will getting a sequel could be true, and Overwatch 2 will reportedly be debuted at the upcoming BlizzCon event at the beginning of November.

Following the ESPN report from Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, numerous leaks have surfaced regarding new alleged features of the upcoming sequels, including screengrabs of the new reported talent system and a potential new hero.

Cloud 9 and London Spitfire streamer Stylosa revealed alleged screengrabs from the unreleased Overwatch sequel, showcasing a potential talent selection screen for the hero Tracer, and an up close look at a potential new hero in Sojourn.

Sojourn has been in development for years, and has appeared throughout Overwatch several times, including the Storm Rising event, and the animated short “Recall”.

If she is indeed appearing at BlizzCon, she will be allegedly debuting instead of the initially reported Echo, who appeared in the Overwatch animated short “Reunion” at last year’s BlizzCon.

The screengrab shows a talent selection screen for Tracer, with a choice of two talents at three different level milestones. 

The first level gives her either an auto-reload or a damage boost to Recall. The second level grants damage to Blink or grants Pulse Bomb secondary explosions. The third level adds a pull and snare to Recall or reduced cooldowns for getting kills.

The third screenshot from the first set of Stylosa leaks shows a collection of heroes grouped together with Sojourn among them. 

On Sojourn’s left shoulder, there appears to be a red maple leaf, a symbol of Canada. Slasher reported on Twitter that a new map based in Toronto is in the works, so this could be a thematic skin or an indicator of Sojourn’s origin.

The leaks referenced here are just rumored, as nothing has been confirmed. As with all leaks, the notion of fake screengrabs is a possibility. But Sojourn has been reported to be in the works for a while, and other reports and rumors have indicated the inclusion of talents as well.

Regardless, all the answers to questions about the Overwatch sequel will hopefully be answered at BlizzCon.

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