Overwatch 2 BlizzCon leak reveals Hero 32 Echo in official artwork

Bill Cooney

New Overwatch artwork, possibly intended for BlizzCon 2019, has been found that features Echo along with a number of other heroes from the game. 

The weekend ahead of BlizzCon 2019 was full of leaks about the so-called “Overwatch 2” announcement everyone is convinced is coming at Blizzard’s annual convention.

Esports insider Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau in a report for ESPN claimed sources informed him that “Overwatch 2” would feature “new game modes, maps, heroes, and PvE content”.

Now, we could have our first look at who one of the new Overawtch heroes to be revealed at BlizzCon could be.

Echo makes an appearance

The artwork was found along with two new World of Warcraft artworks, according to WoWHead, by Twitter user Miquelisme. 

It’s not known if Miqulisme found the WoW and Overwatch pieces, or just the WoW pieces, but all three could be found on Blizzard’s official gear store at the time of writing.

They weren’t listed publically but were accessible through the site’s media catalog. The art shows a number of Overwatch heroes along with Echo, in the top left of the image.

WoWHeadBesides featuring Echo, the supposed leak also has a bit of a new look for the other heroes.

In the art Tracer, Mei, Genji, Winston, Mercy, Echo, and Brigitte all surround Reinhardt as they charge forward.

Reinhardt has a much more luxuious-looking beard than he does currently along with some gold trim on his armor, and Genji seems to finally be wearing trousers – though that could just be due to the style of the artwork.

Other than that these details though, they all seem to be the tried and true Overwatch heroes we all know and love, except for Echo who hasn’t been officially included in the game yet.

Echo’s character was introduced during McCree’s animated short “Reunion”, which premiered at BlizzCon 2018 when Ashe was announced.

Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch 2 will reportedly contain both PvP and PvE elements.

What else do we know about “Overwatch 2”?

According to Slasher’s report for ESPN, the game will feature both PvE and PvP gameplay, with one of the PvE missions being a four-player story mission based in Rio de Janeiro.

Additional leaks have suggested that PvE modes will feature character progression, with heroes having their own levels and talents that allow players to customize their abilities. 

Meanwhile, the game will also reportedly introduce a new PvP mode named “Push”, which will be shown off on a new map in the Canadian city of Toronto. Details on exactly how “Push” will work exactly remain unknown.

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