Overwatch 2 Mercy Talon skin has players convinced they figured out Season 10’s theme

Michael Gwilliam
mercy season 10 overwatch 2 talon skin

Overwatch 2 released a sneak peek at Season 10, and fans already think they’ve figured out its theme based on an upcoming Talon Mercy skin.

Season 10 of Overwatch 2 is scheduled to kick off on April 16 with the arrival of the new DPS hero Venture. In the lead-up to the new season, Blizzard posted a short teaser trailer, and fans have gone to work dissecting every frame.

The climax of the trailer shows off a new Talon skin with a hero wearing a skull mask. The character laughs and says “no Mercy” before the teaser comes to an end.

Players have come to suspect that the hero is Mercy. And while it’s not known if the skin will be Season 10’s Mythic, available in the store or part of the Battle Pass, they think it’s a major hint to the next theme.

Talon is one Overwatch’s evil factions comprised of Doomfist, Sombra, Widowmaker, Moira, Sigma, Reaper and Mauga – so why would Mercy be part of the group? Players are convinced they know the answer.

Across social media, users reached the same conclusion: Season 10’s theme will be a Mirror Universe where the good guys become villains and the evil-doers become Earth’s saviors – but that’s only half of it.

“I’m thinking along the lines of the ‘What If’ line of Marvel comics. Those were so interesting, and instead of just a black and white good/evil swap, there were major, life-altering changes to characters’ stories that were so interesting,” one fan explained on Reddit.

Others shared their predictions for side swaps, with many wanting to see what a blood-thirsty Zenyatta and a pacifist Ramattra could look like.

“I want a Junkrat and Symettra swap, but I also would love to see an Ana skin where she became Widowmaker and Widow is missing an eye,” another suggested.

“Lemme see Hammond as the intelligent animal scientist that joined OW’s ranks while Winston is out in Junkertown as the Queen’s champ. Swap Genji and Hanzo and make the story about Genji trying to kill his older brother… I think there’s a lot of opportunity here,” someone else chimed in.

Luckily, we won’t have long to find out more. A full Season 10 trailer is scheduled to debut on Thursday, April 11. Expect to learn a lot more about what S10 has in store and what other heroes could be getting a special mirror universe skin if the theories are correct.