New Overwatch 2 footage confirms weapon customization & inspect animations on the way

Overwatch 2 weapon inspection and customization gameplayBlizzard

Through the Overwatch 2 release date reveal trailer in the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 event, we now know for certain that new weapon customization features are on the way, as are inspect animations to show it all off.

Keeping the hype train rolling after the first PVP Beta that ended in May, Blizzard once again showcased Overwatch 2 just four weeks later during the joint Xbox & Bethesda livestream on June 12.

While the biggest takeaway from this new reveal was confirmation of an October 4, 2022 early access release, we also saw Junker Queen in action, a batch of new skins, and even a look at some all-new customization features.

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Beyond simply turning your weapons gold, the existing game doesn’t allow players to spruce up their equipment in any meaningful way. But as this new Overwatch 2 footage confirmed, fresh weapon tweaks are on the way, along with unique animations to highlight them.

Overwatch 2 gameplayBlizzard
Heroes can show off their powerful weapons in new ways with inspect animations in Overwatch 2.

During the roughly two-minute gameplay trailer, Blizzard unveiled two key gameplay features in particular. Both weapon charms and weapon inspect animations appear to be locked in for the upcoming sequel.

Cassidy’s Peacekeeper featured a dragon-embossed ornament on the side while Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier could be seen with a dog charm equipped. Moreover, these add-ons were highlighted specifically through a new weapon inspect option.

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Akin to the likes of Valorant or Call of Duty, players will soon be able to flex their customized equipment with individual animations for each character.

New Overwatch 2 features can be seen from the 1:05 mark below.

Exactly how we obtain these new weapon charms, and whether more customization options like stickers or colors other than gold, all remains to be seen.

With a swap to a Free-to-Play (F2P) model now confirmed, it’s safe to assume new progression systems will be implemented beyond the existing loot boxes.

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We’ve already seen various leaks point towards the inclusion of Battle Passes post-launch, so unlocking new cosmetic items there would certainly make sense.

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