Overwatch 2 players convinced they discovered name of new Support Hero

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overwatch 2 season 6 support

Overwatch 2 players speculate the game revealed the name of the upcoming Support Hero during a stream.

The Overwatch 2: Invasion trailer highlighted the game’s eventual PvE story missions, modes, and a teaser featuring the new Support Hero. Much uncertainty surrounds the character identity, but Overwatch 2 confirmed she would be female and utilize never-before-seen mechanics.

Overwatch 2: Invasion launches on August 10, which will likely be close or on the same day as Season 6’s debut. The update will add the Flashpoint game mode – which comes alongside two new maps: New Junk City and Suravasa.

Also, the new Support Hero will likely appear on the Season 6 Battle Pass. Here’s how some players may have guessed the character’s name ahead of her release.

Overwatch 2 detective deduces new Support Hero’s name

lifeweaver posing in overwatch 2

A Reddit user pointed out a small detail during an Overwatch 2 stream on the game’s subreddit. The OP shared a screenshot of the live stream Overwatch 2 held on June 21, 2023, highlighting a specific tidbit of information.

The player noticed the profile name was “Luzdesol”- which is Spanish for Sunlight. They speculated that could be a hint to the Support Hero’s name or one of her abilities.

“I think you’ve cracked it,” one user wrote. “The Hero Roadmap using ingame posters of Peru? 86% of Peru speaking Spanish? A Flash of a Hero infront of the Sun? ‘Luzdesol’ meaning ‘Light of the Sun/Sunlight’ in Spanish? It’s all there.”

“It makes me wonder what her abilities are,” another player said. “They said they wanted a hero all about vision. Can’t wait to be flashbanged in both my favorite fps games!”

After the Season 6 Support Hero, Overwatch 2 plans to introduce another healer. We will inform readers of both Heroes’ identity as soon as we learn the information.

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