Insane Symmetra Cassidy combo is perfect for wiping Overwatch teams

Lauren Bergin
overwatch cassidy symmetra stand on havana

Overwatch’s Cassidy and Symmetra can make quite the formidable team, as one player has devised the perfect trick to demolish enemy teams in one swoop.

There’s nothing Overwatch players find more satisfying than getting that all-important team kill on the enemy squad, especially when you pull out some snazzy tricks to do so.

Whether you’re tossing out boulders as Dutch scientist, Sigma, and killing players before the game even begins, or darting out of your spawn a lot faster than normal, there are thousands of unique ability chains that can net you some sweet, sweet kills.

One player, however, has realised just how lethal a combo Symmetra and Cassidy are when running the two DPS heroes on Havana.

Overwatch Cole Cassidy New Blood challenge skin
New name, new look, and some cool new tricks.

Overwatch’s Cassidy & Symmetra dominate Havana

Utilizing the vantage points of the Cuban capital to their advantage, one player has concocted the perfect series of abilities to decimate teams that are struggling to defend the payload to Point A.

Activating his Deadeye ultimate, Cassidy steps into a perfectly placed Symmetra teleporter to land on the balcony of the Cafe del Sol, the building to the left of the upcoming factory entrance. Reigning hell from above, he takes out four enemy players from this spot.

Using the element of surprise, they then drop down onto the unsuspecting Hanzo and D.Va to score their fifth (and presumably sixth) kills of the game.

Writing that this was their “first time trying this,” players have rained their praise in the comments section.

“That’s wild,” writes one, while another exclaims “had to squeeze the full team wipe in there!” A final respondent notes that “you literally team killed on your own you’d think they would throw you some healing.”

So, next time you drop into the Latin-inspired streets of Cuba’s stunning capital, be sure to grab your resident Symmetra main and try this out for yourself. After all, it’s high noon in Havana and there’s work to be done.