Simple Overwatch trick lets all heroes leave spawn much faster

Tracer wields pulse pistols on DoradoBlizzard Entertainment

An incredibly easy new Overwatch trick has been discovered that almost always guarantees you’ll be able to get back into the fight much faster than you ever have before.

Respawning in Overwatch is a standard part of the game. If you die, you wait for a bit and then respawn in the spawn room. Simple enough. This is common in plenty of games.

But unlike other games, Overwatch features a cast of characters you can switch to in spawn. And sometimes, depending on the situation, you might be better off switching to a faster hero with movement abilities to get back into the fight sooner.

As it turns out, in these high-pressure, intense situations, there is a trick you can perform to make sure your abilities are saved, off cooldown, and you can use them to be even more effective in battle.

Doomfist rocket punchBlizzard Entertainment
Getting back in the fight quicker can make or break Overwatch games.

Overwatch spawn room trick

As showcased by YouTuber McMagicMarv, when you’re eliminated and want to switch heroes right away, don’t. Instead, hover over the hero you intend to swap too, but don’t press anything.

When you eventually do respawn, however, use your current hero’s movement ability before swapping.

In the video showing off the trick, Marv uses Widowmaker’s Grapple while having Doomfist saved as the hero he had hovered over previously.

Basically, right before you leave the spawn room, reopen the hero select screen and quickly double click. This will let you take advantage of your current hero’s abilities for just a moment before you play as the hero you think is right for the situation.

Is leaving the Overwatch spawn room faster worth it?

Now, you might be thinking: “doesn’t this only save a couple seconds at best?” And the answer is yes. Which is a lot when you really think about it.

Overwatch is a game where every second can matter, such as stalling an objective on a 2CP map just a bit longer to force an enemy team into overtime. Those seconds you save by not wasting time in the spawn room can be the difference between winning and losing.

Of course, this won’t make very much sense if you’re playing a character like Ana who doesn’t have a movement ability, so it ultimately will come down to who you were playing as before you swap. That said, keep this trick in mind and chances are you could see some games that would have been loses turn into ties or even victories.