Forgotten Overwatch character could be the new hero the game needs

Lauren Bergin
overwatch storm rising omnic hero glares at camera
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch hasn’t introduced a new hero to the fray in quite some time, and fans are hinting that a mysterious character that first debuted in 2019 should be added to the roster.

While Overwatch’s new Winter Wonderland skins are set to inject some Christmas spirit into Blizzard’s flagship FPS, new characters are what really sparks interest, and we haven’t had a new one for a while.

With Echo officially being the last hero to release all the way back in 2020, many feel that a fresh face needs to take to the stage to bring an end to the seemingly eternal drought.

Some have suggested Sojourn, a Canadian hero set to debut in Overwatch 2, should be added to the base game, but others have found another mysterious character that might just be able to save the day.

overwatch 2 cassidy reinhardt and sojourn
Blizzard Entertainment
Hailing from the snowy valleys of Canada, some believe that only Sojourn can save Overwatch.

Mystery Overwatch hero could save the game

First debuting in the ending cutscene for “Storm Rising,” a playable mission that rotates with the annual Overwatch Archives event, this mysterious character is seen discussing business with Talon’s leading council member, Doomfist.

Shrouded in a black cape, and nestled in the shadows, the Nigerian DPS reveals that this new villain is looking to “fight for [their] kind.” Upon being offered assistance, the character steps forwards and takes down their hood, revealing that they are, in fact, an Omnic. Greeting Doomfist with an ominous “you have my attention,” the scene cuts off and we have never heard from him again.

“So uh… whatever happened to this guy?” asks one fan on Reddit, sparking an intense discussion about Overwatch’s ongoing content drought.

One fan comments that the character was “teased in April of 2019 and not a peep about it since then,” receiving a reply joking “excellent storytelling right there.”

Another writes that it “sounds like WoW storytelling,” referencing the criticism Blizzard have faced over Shadowlands’ lackluster story arc.

A final comment parodies the original post, writing “so uh… whatever happened to Overwatch?” With over 600 upvotes at the time of writing, the community’s sentiments are pretty clear.

With Overwatch 2 being delayed once more, Blizzard will need to make some radical changes in order to keep the inaugural title alive. All we can do is cross our fingers and toes that we see a new character stride onto the battlefield – who knows, maybe we’ll finally find out just who this guy is.