Overwatch players split after unexpected Winter Wonderland delay

overwatch rime sombra being hit with snowballs by roadhog and ana during winter wonderland christmas eventBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Christmas event has been delayed, and it has split the fanbase down the middle.

For Overwatch fans across the globe, Halloween Terror and Winter Wonderland are shining beacons in the winter darkness, offering fresh reasons to log into the game.

2021’s iteration of the classic Christmas event has been delayed, however, with Community Manager AndyB citing “unforeseen circumstances” as the reason for the surprise push back.

Despite only being put on hold for a few extra days, as well as the promise of some killer skins, Blizzard’s decision to push the event back has divided the game’s community.

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overwatch winter wonderland gingerbread ana 2020 skinBlizzard Entertainment
Turns out we won’t be joining Gingerbread Ana by the fire just yet.

Overwatch fans split over Winter Wonderland delay

While the delay may come as a surprise to some, many view it as the result of ongoing internal issues at Activision Blizzard. In response to the lawsuit against the company for fostering a “pervasive frat-boy culture” within the workplace, strikes and walkouts have become commonplace.

“Dear any Overwatch dev reading this thread, we love you, it’s not your fault your bosses are c**ts.” writes one understanding fan. “Please keep doing what’s best for you,” while another follows up with “don’t get mad at the devs, between the mess the company is in and the strike to protest layoffs, the working environment at Blizzard must be tough right now.”

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“I would complain about this but Blizzard has too much other s**t to complain about,” reads one response.

Not everyone has been so forgiving, however. “No way Blizzard had to delay something. Never heard of it,” fumes one fan, referring to the recent delays of Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. “The f**k do they have to delay anyway it’s the same event with eight new skins.”

“They forgot to make those skins so they need a few days to whip a few up,” replies another angry fan.

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Will the new festive skins be able to save Christmas? Or have Blizzard destined to end up with coal in their stockings? Either way, when the event finally arrives we hope it’s a good one!