Overwatch players want Sojourn added early as Overwatch 2 delayed again

Overwatch 2 sojourn firing gun in battleBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s delay has fans rolling their eyes, and many are asking Blizzard to add Sojourn to the current iteration as a breath of fresh air. 

Ever since Overwatch 2 was announced back at Blizzcon 2019, a series of delays have haunted the game’s development. With the latest possibly postponing the title into 2023, players have been left disappointed and frustrated.

The franchise’s first installment, Overwatch, has also been criticized for its lack of content within the past year. With high-flying DPS Echo being the last hero to be added to the game, players have only been gifted two new FFA maps since her release in 2020.

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As the sequel’s release remains shrouded in mystery, fans are demanding that Blizzard add Sojourn to the game, a hero who made her debut alongside the original 2019 announcement.

Overwatch 2 sojourn looks at cameraBlizzard Entertainment
Sojourn has been lurking in the shadows since 2019, but fans want her to finally take the spotlight.

Overwatch 2 delay sparks demand for Sojourn

First appearing in Overwatch 2’s gameplay trailer, Sojourn will be the squad’s first Canadian hero. Looking to free the planet from the grasp of the Omnics, Overwatch’s resident captain is set to be quite the force.

However, she still sits waiting in the wings until the sequel releases, which to many makes very little sense. After all, her entire character has been fleshed out and could easily be adjusted and dropped into the current game.

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“I think they should release Sojourn since her ability kit has already been shown and she’s clearly playable,” writes one fan on the Overwatch subreddit. “It would be good damage control for the derailed Overwatch 2 hype train.”

The comments section echoes this request, with one fan noting that “everyone’s just so burnt out and wanting new content.”

While another writes that they’re “curious if the new heroes they’ve developed are built for the 5v5,” suggesting that Blizzard would need to almost be “working backwards” if they introduced her to Overwatch. One response points out, though: “honestly, if they don’t work backwards and release content for Overwatch 1, the game is gonna die.”

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“I really want to believe they’d wise up and focus back on OW with OW2 on the back burner until they’ve figured out the company’s internal issues,” agrees a final commenter. “It’s definitely the right move here.”

As Overwatch’s future continues to balance on a knife’s edge, it’ll be interesting to see how Blizzard choose to keep the game interesting for the fanbase. Either way, it looks like Overwatch may need a hero, and that hero is Sojourn.

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