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Every Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020 skin: price & challenges

Published: 15/Dec/2020 23:37

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event has officially begun, and we all know what that means — it’s time to take a look at all of the new skins coming our way to finish off the year.

Ask any Overwatch player and they’ll tell you the best part of any event are all of the new skins Blizzard comes out with for us to collect, and 2020 is certainly no disappointment.

There are eight new skins in total this year, five Legendary skins available to purchase in loot boxes, and three more Epic challenge skins that will only be available to unlock for a week each. We’ll start with those and go from there down below:


Elf Junkrat — Week 1 Challenge

Blizzard Entertainment
You’re a mean one, Mr. Rat.

Junkrat is your week one challenge reward, and his Epic “Elf” skin looks much more like the Grinch than he does one of Santa’s little helpers. Green shorts and a green Santa hat go along with the lights on his RIP-Tire to make this skin far more festive than ‘Beachrat,’ even though it is Summer down in Australia this time of year.

The weekly challenge can be completed by winning nine games in Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade. A quick way to knock these out is to play the new Freezethaw Elimination mode which goes faster than a regular match. You’ll also collect the three free Arcade loot boxes in the process.


Gingerbread Ana — Week 2 Challenge

Blizzard Entertainment
Grandma’s Christmas cookies always are the best.

Week 2’s challenge reward is a skin that takes Overwatch’s resident grandma and gives her a read cloak, along with the appropriate apron for some holiday baking.

An interesting part of this skin is her Biotic Rifle, which now has a red and white Christmas sweater pattern and a barrel that’s now made out of gingerbread.

Frosty Roadhog — Week 3 Challenge

Blizzard Entertainment
Run kids, frosty’s coming this way!

One of our favorite skins this year has to be Frosty Roadhog, based on the snowman of the same name from that song that comes around every year.

He might not have a corncob pipe, but the hat, coal button, and carrot nose there, along with a wicked-looking mouth that’s sure to terrify you as his Hook, which is now crafted out of solid ice.


Toybot Zenyatta — 3000 Coins

Blizzard Entertainment
Yes, Zenyatta does get a grumpy digital face with this skin.

Zen’s Legendary Toybot skin was revealed the day before Winter Wonderland 2020 kicked off on December 15. Thanks to the full reveal of the skin though, we now know it gives him a mean digital frowny face when he throws out Discord Orbs.

This is sure to be a favorite of Zenyatta mains, but one major question still remains: what tune is on his sash, which represents a music box note strip? Knowing Overwatch fans, we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Penguin Mei — 3000 Coins

Blizzard Entertainment
No matter what you think of Mei, you have to admit this skin is pretty cute.

Mei was the first Legendary skin revealed for Winter Wonderland 2020 two days before the event began. It turns the meteorologist and her sidekick snowball into a pair of penguins, perfect for Watchpoint: Antarctica.


This will be Mei’s second Winter Wonderland skin alongside her “Mei-rry” Santa skin, and a definite must-have for all of the Mei mains out there.

Lumberjack Torbjorn — 3000 coins

Blizzard Entertainment

Torbjorn’s skin makes him into a backwoods man, with a cozy flannel and vest as he chops down trees. A fluffy beard is sure to keep his face warm and his claw arm has been turned into one of those tree claws used in forestry today.

On his back area a bunch of sawblades, that actually spin around and have the appropriate sound effects when he activates his Overload ability. One final touch, his hammer has been turned into an adorable little hatchet as well.


Ice Empress Moira — 3000 Coins

Blizzard Entertainment
Moira seems to have taken wardrobe inspiration from Game of Thrones’ Night King.

One of the sleeper hits for this year’s skins has to be Moira, who gets a very cool (literally) Ice Empress skin, that would go great alongside Sigma’s Rime skin from last year.

From her crown to her nails, this cosmetic is frozen over with ice, along with elegant furs and pure white silks appropriate for a royal of Moira’s status.

Conductor Reinhardt — 3000 Coins

Blizzard Entertainment
This Rein skin makes us want to rewatch a certain animated Tom Hanks Christmas movie.

Finally, we come to Conductor Reinhardt, the last skin on our list. Good ol’ Rein gets our vote for “coziest” Winter Wonderland cosmetic this year since it reminds us of the classic animated film “The Polar Express.”

The Tank has the appropriate headgear, and a hammer featuring an old cow catcher on the business end. The best part of this one though has to be the train sounds that play when Reinhardt charges. We personally can’t wait to choo-choo an enemy right to their doom.