Bizarre Overwatch D.Va skin idea is “cursed yet so beautiful”

Lauren Bergin
overwatch alien abduction skin idea

Overwatch’s D.Va has a whole collection of adorable skins already, but one fan has let their imagination run wild and created a design that’s out of this world – literally. 

When it comes to Overwatch’s extensive roster of unique heroes and infamous villains, D.Va has etched herself into history as one of the title’s most iconic characters.

This, of course, makes the Korean idol the perfect base to design innovative new skins for. We’ve seen her transformed into Kang Sae-byeok from the Netflix phenomenon, Squid Game, as well as gear up for the upcoming Winter Wonderland event a little bit early as the Christmas-inspired

Coming completely out of left field, though, is this insane new skin idea from graphic artist CornyLope. Trust us when we say it’s out of this world.

overwatch with MEKA on hanamura
Korean idol turned Overwatch hero, D.Va, is one of the game’s most popular characters.

Alien Abduction D.Va skin is perfect for Overwatch

The brainchild behind the fearsome Hazmat Zarya, they’re continuing in the futuristic vein by concocting Alien Abduction D.Va. Describing the design as “a bit camp,” this crazy idea is the perfect blend of humor and traditional fashion styles.

With D.Va trading out her iconic blue jumpsuit for a colorful pink, violet, and green number, she’s seen sporting a pair of alien-inspired glasses and a set of antennae. Her cascading chocolate locks have been switched out for a violet bob, dip dyed a fluorescent green at the bottom to add another element of otherworldly realness.

It’s her MEKA that catches the eye, and likely sparks a little chuckle, too. With the top half designed as the stereotypical flying saucer, the bottom is… well, a cow. Our four-legged bovine friends happen to be a favorite amid the outer space community, as in literally every sci-fi film it seems like they always get abducted first.

Painted black and white, and even sporting hooves and udders, this wacky reimagining of the iconic Korean battle suit is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before – but that’s probably because it comes from outer space.


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It turns out fans have been enchanted by CornyLope’s design as well, though, as the Reddit thread dedicated to the skin concept has death rayed its competitors off the face of the Earth.

“That’s absurdly ridiculous and I love it,” writes one, while a second comment reads “it’s udderly ridiculous.”

“God it’s cursed yet so beautiful,” notes another, and a final response confesses that they “wouldn’t mind it being an actual skin.”

While Overwatch 2 appears to be lightyears away, maybe we’ll see Alien Abduction D.Va strut her stuff in a future Halloween Terror event. Until then though, keep your eyes on the skies and cuddle your cows.

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