Overwatch Halloween Event 2021: start time, skins, Junkenstein’s Revenge

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2021 event is finally upon us, and with a host of stunning skins for heroes like Brigitte and the return of Junkenstein, it’s set to be quite the celebration.

If there’s one event Overwatch fans across the globe get excited about, it’s the Halloween Terror event every October.

With some of the game’s best skins making a limited-time return, including the iconic Witch Mercy, the spooktacular event is packed full of terrifying and tantalizing rewards and cosmetics.

As the 2021 iteration of the iconic event is just around the corner, here’s everything we know so far about this year’s Overwatch’s Halloween Terror.

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Overwatch Halloween Terror SymmetraBlizzard Entertainment
Symmetra’s spectacular Dragon skin will make a return for Halloween Terror.

Overwatch Halloween Event: start time & end date

The date for Overwatch’s 2021 Halloween Terror has been officially announced, and we now know things will be kicking off on October 12, and running through November 2.

This lines up perfectly with previous dates for the event, listed below:

  • 2016: 11 October – 1 November
  • 2017: 10 October – 2 November
  • 2018: 9 October – 1 November
  • 2019: 15 October – 4 November
  • 2020: 13 October – 3 November

Overwatch Halloween Event: Skins

As per usual with Overwatch events, the Halloween Terror extravaganza will see a number of new Legendary skins join the cosmetic library. Three new Epics will also drop, and will likely be available by completing the weekly challenges.

All of the Overwatch Halloween 2021 skins are listed just below:



  • Week 1: Skeleton Genji
  • Week 2: Einherjar Zarya
  • Week 3: Clown Roadhog

Rewards will unlock after you play nine games, with a win crediting you for 2 games, the tiers are as follows:

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  • Nine games played: Icon
  • 18 games played: Spray
  • 27 games played: Epic skin.
Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge gameplayBlizzard Entertainment
Junkenstein returns every Halloween to cause some havoc.

Overwatch Junkenstein’s Revenge

One of the best parts of Halloween Terror is Junkenstein’s Revenge, the eerie PvE mode that always accompanies the spooky celebration every year.

Set at the gates of Castle Junkenstein on the spooky version of Eichenwalde, players have to destroy waves of Zomnic opponents to be able to survive the game’s different levels. Dr. Junkenstein has also created some terrifying monsters to stop you in your tracks, and they won’t go down easy.

There are only a handful of heroes available to players on the classic version of the mode, so if you’re looking to get in shape for the big event be sure to queue the following DPS and Supports in the run-up to Junkenstein’s revenge returning:

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  • Ana (The Alchemist)
  • Ashe (The Outlaw)
  • Baptiste (The Renegade)
  • Brigitte (The Shieldmaden)
  • Genji (The Swordsman)
  • Hanzo (The Archer)
  • McCree (The Gunsliger)
  • Soldier 76 (The Soldier)
  • Torbjorn (The Viking)
  • Tracer (A Ghostly Will-O’-The-Wisp)
  • Widowmaker (The Countess)
  • Zenyatta (The Monk)

For a full breakdown of what to expect coming into Junkenstein’s Revenge, we’ve got all of the different modes listed here, as well as a dedicated guide to defeating the hardest level of all: Shocking Surprise.

That’s all we know about the upcoming Overwatch Halloween event! If you’re looking for some spooky Overwatch fun, be sure to check out our dedicated guides:

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