Reindeer D.Va skin is the magic that Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2021 needs

Overwatch D.Va Winter WonderlandBlizzard

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event will bring plenty of Christmas-themed skins to the game, but one talented artist has brought the festive cheer earlier this year with their reindeer D.Va skin concept. 

D.Va is one of the most popular Overwatch characters in the game, and Blizzard has created plenty of cosmetics for her over the years. From Summer Games sportswear to the prestigious Overwatch Anniversary Academy skin, D.Va mains have plenty of choices when it comes to kitting her out with stylish outfits. 

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While Overwatch’s Halloween Event has only just wrapped up, that hasn’t stopped one talented artist from sharing their festive D.Va skin. In fact, this Reindeer D.Va cosmetic would be the perfect fit for this year’s Overwatch Winter Wonderland event

D.Va Winter Wonderland skin concept

D.Va Pokemon trainerBlizzard
D.Va is one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch.

Reddit user amandazerepp, has given D.Va a Christmas-themed twist that will have fans feeling merry as they take down their foes. D.Va’s pink mech has been recolored with a festive red and green color scheme, while the top of the armored mech has been replaced with a sleigh filled with presents. 

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The blasters also have a resemblance to candy canes, while a string of Christmas tree lights have been laced around the mech’s side panels. Baby D.Va has also received a complete transformation, with amandazerepp giving the videogame-loving pilot Rudolph’s red nose, antlers, and hooves. 

D.Va is also sporting a red dress and green gloves, which has been rounded off with a present-themed Light Gun. The talented concept artist also created the now infamous Dragon Ball Z skin for Zenyatta, which became quite the hit during the Halloween Terror event.

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It’s clear a lot of work went into creating this Christmas-themed crossover and we can’t wait to see what Overwatch skins Blizzard has lined up for this year’s Winter Wonderland event

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