Hazmat Zarya skin idea would irradiate the Overwatch competition

Lauren Bergin

Overwatch’s Zarya often gets left out in the snowy wastelands of Volskaya, but one fan has shown the Russian tank some love with this futuristic-looking skin concept. 

As tanks like Korean idol D.Va and eccentric Dutch scientist, Sigma, continue to dominate the Overwatch meta, Russia’s strongest woman, Zarya, remains banished to the icy wastelands of Volskaya.

While the character is set to get a huge rework coming into the game’s highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2, her current pick rate at high levels is pretty abysmal.

Thankfully, one fan has come to the rescue and shown the character some love with a brand new skin design that’ll help her shine a little brighter – or, alternatively, glow in the dark.

overwatch halloween terror 2021 zarya skin
Zarya’s newest skin dropped during Halloween Terror 2021, reimagining her as a fallen Viking warrior.

Overwatch Hazmat Zarya skin idea

Designed by Reddit user CornyLope, this awesome new skin concept transforms the tank queen into a hazmat-clad warrior that makes her looks like she just walked out of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R franchise.

Sporting a neon yellow and burnt orange jumpsuit, a giant radiation symbol sits in the center of her chest and on the grey oxygen pack on her back.

Donning a futuristic helmet that has two tubes snaking down into the suit in order to provide clean air, Zayra can be seen peering through a glass visor which morphs to become a gas mask.

Her Particle Cannon has been given a slick orange and black paint job, with similar tubes supplying the mighty weapon with cyan-colored energy that glows eerily.

Despite Hazmat Zarya’s fearsome appearance, CornyLope has managed to infect the Overwatch community with this design. “I would switch off Goth Girl Zarya for this!” writes one.

Another comments that the idea reminds her of Slime Rancher’s main protagonist, Beatrice, who snatches slimes and terrifies the Tarr on The Far Far Range. “Somehow this made me think about crossover skins, like a Zarya skin based on Beatrix (player character) from Slime Rancher.”

A final response compares the outfit to the ones seen in popular party game, Among Us, noting “yellow kinda sus” in true crewmate style.

Whether we’ll see something similar to Hazmat Zarya make it into the game remains a mystery, however, we’d love it if she would glow a sickly green in darkened areas. It would be great for spooking unsuspecting players, after all!

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