Where to find sheep in New World: How to complete Stonereach Hunt quest

Where to find sheep in World OrderAmazon Game Studios

Finding sheep can be extremely difficult in New World, but you’ll need to locate them if you wish to complete the Stonereach Hunt quest. 

New World’s brutal lands of Aeternum are filled with all kinds of deadly creatures and surviving can prove difficult, particularly for those that come unprepared. Just like most MMOs, New World requires players to craft, forage, and fight their way to the top of the food chain. 

While materials such as Fiber and Linen are a must for intrepid explorers, there is also another highly-coveted resource – sheep. Yes, sheep are one of the most difficult creatures to locate in the game, but you’ll need to track these elusive farmyard animals down if you wish to complete the Stonereach Hunt quest.

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Where to find sheep in New World: All spawn locations

New World sheep locationAmazon Games Studio
Sheep can be found near the mountain in Stonereach.

Finding sheep in New World may seem like an easy task at first, but their spawns are incredibly low. However, there is one method you can use to complete this pesky quest. 

  1. Select the Stonereach Hunt quest and follow the map marker.
  2. Head towards Camp Recall Point (Near the mountain with the broken tree).
  3. Kill the sheep and harvest its hide

If a sheep has yet to spawn at this location, then simply wait a few minutes for the spawn to reset. Only one sheep will spawn at a time, so you’ll need to be quick, as nearby players can actually poach the hide even if you successfully kill the sheep. 

Stonereach Hunt quest objectives

New World sheep locationAmazon Game Studios
Sheep are easy to find in New World once you know where to look.

Despite sheep being one of the most common animals on the planet, tracking them down in New World can prove to be incredibly difficult. Fortunately, you only need to kill a few of these wooly creatures to complete the Stonereach Hunt quest. 

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The Stonereach Hunt quest objectives are as follows: 

  • Hunt three Sheep around Stonereach (3)
  • Skin them for Premium Hide (3)

Now that you know where to find sheep in New World, you’ll be able to complete the Stonereach Hunt quest in no time. Looking to conquer Aeternum like no other adventurer? Check out our dedicated guides: 

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