How to tame Core Hound in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery

James Lynch
A Core Hound smoulders in WoW: Season of Discovery

The Core Hound remains one of the most iconic creatures in World of Warcraft and Season of Discovery is no exception. Excitingly, it seems as though it is now possible for Hunters to tame one in the latter. Here’s everything you need to know.

As reported by Wowhead, Phase 3 of Season of Discovery has churned out many surprises for players to enjoy. One of the most thrilling is the opportunity to tame and use a Core Hound as a Hunter pet, using the rune engraving system as its basis.

In order to successfully tame a Core Hound, the Hunter needs access to both the Rune of the Ravenous and Infernal Lasso. Fortunately, both are collected via the same, relatively simple quest chain.

How to get Rune of the Ravenous and Infernal Lasso to tame a Core Hound

In the first instance, players need to head to the Searing Gorge to a cave located west of the Flight Master at waypoint 22 36. Towards the deepest point of the cave there is a Weathered Etching that grants the player the start to a fresh quest.

This quest then sends players to the Blasted Lands where players need to speak to Bloodmage Lynorre. She is usually standing by the road near the entrance to Stonard. Lynorre tasks players with killing Shadowsworn and collecting 5x Infernal Chain Links. Turn those in and collect the Brought to Heel quest.

From there, players have to kill a Core Hound NPC called Calefactus the Unleashed. He is also in the Blasted Lands, roaming in a straight line West of the Dark Portal. Collect the Fel Lifeblood and return to Lynorre, who grants the Rune of the Ravenous and Infernal Lasso.

Once those are secure, all that remains is to tame a Core Hound! To do so, simply use the trinket on the mob and tame it as normal. Taming it is not an option unless the on-use trinket effect is active.