Amazon will ban New World players abusing infinite gold exploit

new world infinite gold exploitsAmazon Games

Amazon Games will ban any player found abusing the New World infinite money exploit as the company patch out a gold duplication bug.

After the New World 1.0.3 patch update, the new server transfers made it so that some characters were in “an invalid data state” that prevented them from properly saving their progress.

People started to notice that this lent itself to a bug where players could create a new character, transfer items and gold, and find those goods in both accounts without repercussion.

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This stems from the ‘persist_error’ that could result from transferring a character to another server and Amazon are cracking down on the issue.

New World infinite money exploit ban

new world gold duplication bug

The Amazon Games studio announced it had fixed the issue where some characters would appear as ‘invalid.’ As such, they found that a “small set” of players made use of the error to duplicate gold and items.

“Some players among this small set transferred gold or items while their character was affected,” New World Community Manager ‘Luxendra’ said. “All of these transactions are logged in our database.

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“We are reviewing them now and any players found deliberately using this condition to gain an advantage will be banned for exploiting.”

The developers will also remove the items and gold “where appropriate” since some players kept it for themselves while others traded or sold them to others.

New World transferred character can’t log-in

new world gold duplication bug

As a precautionary measure, from now on, Amazon Games could prevent log-ins for newly transferred characters.

This window should only last about two hours for New World servers to properly identify the character coming in. If the problem still persists, then the devs recommended you submit a ticket with customer service to correct the issue.

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Amazon will look to solve this issue quickly as the studio looks to fix bigger issues in New World since its launch.

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