Diablo 4 players are so bored that they’re giving away endgame loot

Carver Fisher

Many Diablo 4 players who have already reached their Season 4 endgame goals are just giving away their loot to other players, claiming that they’re done with the game and don’t see themselves playing out the season.

The Loot Reborn update was a promising start to Diablo 4’s fourth season, and it was well-received at the beginning. However, as time has gone on, community sentiment has changed.

Between the endgame gold grind being a slog, bricked weapons souring the Tempering system, growing dissatisfaction with The Pit being the only real challenge and many other issues, players are just hoping Season 5 can mend Diablo 4’s endgame woes.

For now, though, those who don’t see themselves playing Season 4 anymore are just giving away their gold, crafting materials and gear to other players.

diablo 4 season 5 ptr
Season 4 launched on May 14

A number of Redditors have publicly posted about it, saying that they’ve got billions of gold saved up along with essential crafting materials that they’re willing to just give away.

One player who posted on Reddit asking, “Who wants my gold?” after claiming they were done with the Season spawned a massive response. Not only did they split their bounty of 18 billion among other players, but they inspired others to give their loot away in the same thread.

“Love this. I gave my billions to a real life friend who was still playing. If he didn’t accept I was going to do the same. Everyone should do this imo,” said one player.

Seeing as Seasonal characters are effectively useless once the Season’s over to those who keep up with the game’s new content, these players just sped up the process of getting into Season 5.

This thread isn’t an isolated incident, either. Across Diablo 4’s niche subreddits for each class, players can be seen giving away their class-specific loot to other players.

What makes offers like these even more generous is the real-life money many sell gold and items for, to the point where many want the series to bring back a Diablo 3-esque auction house so they can circumvent shady sites and vendors.

However, these players are just offering up their hard-earned loot for free. They could sell it for a profit, but they’d rather help a player get through the grind and reach their own goals.

While this is a wholesome move from the generous players who have decided to just give away their loot, it’s also not a great sign of where the endgame is at.

If the grind is so boring that players are leaving their loot up for grabs instead of pushing further, there are clearly players who want more content to sink their teeth into. It remains to be seen if Season 5’s changes will be enough to rope them back in.

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