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New World players angry at hidden changes in update 1.1 patch notes

Published: 19/Nov/2021 21:04

by Connor Knudsen


New World’s update 1.1 has been met with some serious resistance from the game’s community. Some are frustrated with lag and additional in-game issues, while others are raging over hidden changes that were allegedly made.

New World continues to undergo fixes and updates just about every day, as devs do their best to patch and fix the game’s many bugs.

Many perceived these to be coming to an end – a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel with November’s updates. However, it appears this hope may have been a fleeting one.

In the wake of the massive 1.1 update that added the Void Gauntlet, new enemies, and new quests to New World, players are raging about what the patch has done to the game. Many even claim that devs hid certain updates from players.


New World players claiming hidden changes in update 1.1

new world void gauntlet
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The Void Gauntlet has been about the only thing players seem to have unanimously loved about the 1.1 update.

Along with the litany of changes that came in the massive 1.1 update, some players dug deep and are claiming that there’s more than meets the eye with this patch.

A post to the official New World subreddit has detailed many changes that players from the community have collected, which they believe were not listed in the official patch notes.

The “Undocumented Changelist” has over 20 bulleted claims that various members of the subreddit have picked out. A few of the notable ones are:

  • Harvesting equipment has been deleted. (u/gonchicha)
  • All creatures in Myrkgard are now elite 65 mobs. (u/Mikihisa77)
  • Elite chests can now drop vials of azoth. (u/ClockworkSoldier)
  • Huge nerf on elite supply chest loot amount. (u/AdSecret7671)
  • The Membrane to Nihilo Visage was buffed significantly in health about 100x more Health. (u/AmaruKaze)

This is an unverified list, so we encourage readers to take each point with a grain of salt. However, many in the subreddit have responded positively to the thread, sharing their insight and shared experiences.


Along with these complaints, the reception to these patch notes has been especially negative, with multiple threads with thousands of upvotes appearing on the subreddit.

A different post titled, “This patch should have been an opportunity to regain trust and rebuild excitement with the addition of a new weapon, and instead you turned it into something sh***y with a bunch of stealth nerfs to progression to increase the time sink” has over 3,300 upvotes and a massive amount of endorsements showing support.

Players seem most upset with the hidden changes to the game with this patch and the fact that they appear to make the late game more grind-intensive with fewer rewards for the harder work. Mix that with the apparent lag that caused devs to do an emergency patch, and you have a cocktail for disaster.


We will continue to provide updates in the event that devs address these claims or roll out something to make some corrections to update 1.1. As the game’s player count continues to drop off, devs need to act fast to retain players.