New World players want minimap so badly they made one themselves

map new worldAmazon Games

New World’s huge map has players wishing they had a tool to guide them. So, one player took matters into their own hands and created a stellar minimap.

Amazon Games’ New World has been met with a host of different reactions since its launch in September.

The game’s glitches and server issues have some raging, while others simply can’t get over its immersive gameplay and beautiful landscapes.

However, one thing many have agreed on is its desperate need for a minimap or handy guide of some kind.

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new worldAmazon Games
With such a wild landscape, it’s easy to get lost in New World.

New World custom minimap

A couple of players were tired of getting lost in the game’s many towns and diverse landscapes, so they built themselves an impressive minimap and have integrated it in the game.

The results are beautiful, earning the praises of many within the New World subreddit.

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But, with bans being such an issue in the early stages of the game, many were immediately hesitant about the custom integration. However, the OP claims that bans should not be an issue for their particular map, due to the program used to build and run it.

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“The minimap runs on Overwolf, and its the only process that runs. I believe Overwolf is whitelisted on the anti-cheat so I’d say its unlikely to get you banned.”

If this minimap really is safe from bans, it could be a major game-changer for fans of the MMO.

Fans wanting something official will have to wait until Amazon Games patches a minimap into New World. As of the time of this article’s publication, no news of such an addition has been stated.

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