New World players find perfect workaround for invincibility exploit

new world diplomacyAmazon Games

New World players have become a bit more diplomatic recently, on the heels of some extremely frustrating PvP invincibility exploits. 

Amazon Games’ brand-new MMO, New World, has taken the gaming community by storm since its release in late September of 2021.

Since then, it has been slammed over some of its issues with server queue times and certain glitches that have made the game difficult to play.

But, despite these issues, players have continued to rally around the game, even creating some clever workarounds to resolve conflict in their servers.

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New World invincibility exploit is game-breaking

new world warAmazon Games
Wars are one of the most exciting parts of New World, but this bug ruins them.

Players have become increasingly frustrated over the past several weeks as a new invincibility exploit has taken over New World. Even shroud is calling it “a damn mess out there.”

Basically, this game-breaking bug allows players to create god-like characters that are nearly impossible to kill.

These insane builds have had a massive effect on wars in many servers, so fans are waging wars of their own on the New World forums as a result.

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But, for some, not all hope is lost.

Players are finding alternatives to exploit-ridden wars

New World charactersAmazon Games
Can diplomacy really survive in a game like New World?

A post made on the New World subreddit on October 19 received high praise from the community, as one player tells the story of a server that is operating with some much-needed diplomacy.

The player describes the moments leading up to the ensuing war, writing: “Half an hour before the war our guild leader said he had a discussion with the other guild and they agreed to hand over the zone without any resistance… They were persuaded by our leader and said they will do it to ensure a healthier server.”

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Many people in the over 400 comments on the post have, for one reason or another, experienced similar things in their own servers.

One commenter has seen server cooperation due to a corrupt, money-grubbing governor, while another had multiple guilds rally together to overcome some oppressive taxing.

This should give hope to New World players frustrated with the “god-mode” exploit and some of the game’s other irksome issues. It shows that, at least in some servers, people are willing to work together for the common good, something that’s usually few and far between in gaming.

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That said, despite the communities’ resiliency, some have not found reprieve in their own servers and are becoming increasingly frustrated with the current exploit. As of the time of writing, Amazon Games has yet to respond to the issue.

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